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Double H Ranch carries a large variety of ropes and hondas depending on your needs and preferences. Our Reatas are handmade from braided rawhide and are available with or without cores. We carry cotton, maguey, poly, nylon, and blend ropes as well as nylon braided tie ropes. We also have a large collection of Hondas made from rawhide, metal, or poly.

One of the favorite ropes among the ranch hands is the Waxed Cotton rope

This is a brand new Cotton ranch lariat, it has been pretreated so that it will NOT absorb moisture. This rope is 65+ feet long and is 5/16 in diameter. It is made from five strands of cotton and one strand of nylon running down the center to give additional strength. Cotton Lariats have a lot of weight to them but are a little stiffer than a poly, they are really the best of both worlds. I have used one for about a year now and the more you use them the better they feel. They don't tend to fray like nylon ropes and don't glass up like a poly either. I have been very pleased with mine and everyone that I have sold them to likes them also. They are a great rope for those that rope with a slick horn, especially in windy country.

You won't find a better ranch rope than our Open Range Rope

Supplies · Ropes & Roping Supplies · Team & Ranch Ropes; 5 Strand Cotton Rope .. During the late 1960s and early 1970s he teamed roped with several partners, including his nephew Norman Cotton, his wife, Alice, an accomplished horseperson in her own right (who, in her eighth decade, still heels and drags calves at local brandings), and Howard Parker. Some would say during this time, with too much exaggeration, that when Sid and “Norm” drove into a local ranch “jackpot” roping that the other ropers knew that first or second place was taken.

Team & Ranch Ropes - Smith and Edwards

Quality gear for the working cowboy. If you are looking for a custom made saddle, quality tack, a new cotton ranch rope, or a silver mounted bit, please look around the website and give us a call or purchase online.

King 3/8" Scant Left Handed Ranch Rope.