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A classic costume choice for the procrastinator among us. Start with a red dress, then add black tights, flats, ladybug wings, antenna, and bow tie, and stick-on felt dots to the dress.Â

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For the joy of women's supporters, the Spaniard player had an unfortunate hitch: taking off his costume, he unintentionally showed his ass. The photographers were looking at him closely and took pics. Nadal will start to practice on a tennis court again on Monday, but he has begun rehabilitation on court without ball already ten days ago.

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DIY budget Zombie Tennis Player sporty halloween costume fancy dress outfit The music video was written, directed, edited, and even color-corrected by Grimes herself. The delightfully weird result is just what we’ve come to expect from the experimental artist. The dreamlike clip sees the singer and her group of friends costumed in getups, such as a fallen angel, a purple-haired Marie Antoinette, and a goth video gamer. If you’re still searching for a last-minute Halloween costume, take a look at Grimes’s new video for a few ideas.

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Halloween is full of spoof costumes and hilarious takes on celebrities. We think that tennis player Genie Bouchard nailed it when she decided to go dressed, or in this case - undressed, as Kim Kardashian's famous Twitter nude.

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Wrecked Tennis Player: For the last five years I have been creating walking illusion costumes and this year, I did it again. I created the Wrecked Tennis Player. The best thing "Tennis Costume." Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages. . (July 1, 2017).