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If you prefer to suit up as one of the nameless dead, our Bones onesie is the perfect incognito sexy Halloween costumes... if you're into that kind of thing. This features gruesome human skeletal anatomy from hood to heel. Zip the front all the way up over your face to show off the smooth cranium and grinning mandible of this long-decayed Halloween horror. If you prefer to leave more to the imagination, we have Halloween onesies like the Stitched Up costume that are more formal. In fact, this faux three-piece is perfectly acceptable black tie for an All Hallows Eve soiree. It looks like a mad pathologist got carried away after performing the most thorough autopsy of all time. But you have to admit, the results are pretty stylish.

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Vicwin-one Kids Unisex Animal Dinosaur Summer Homewear Pajamas Onesies Costume Cosplay Maybe you’re the person who’s always asked to bring the beer to the party. One of our Halloween onesies has been specifically designed to make that task easier. It took a rocket scientist to come up with this “Tipsy” astronaut costume, but it was worth the effort. The functional six pack holder on the back is a testament to what human ingenuity can achieve with the right motivation. That’s one small sip for man, one giant hangover for mankind. Add on a pair of cool sunglasses for men and you'll be all set. SOOOO, then do not let the good ones dissapear and ACT FAST!

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First in our lineup of Halloween onesies, we have the formidable Frankenstein. The awesomeness of this particular , and men, will hit you like a bolt of lightning, reanimating all your favorite memories of trick or treating and going to fall festivals when you were a wee one. That classic monster may have been pieced together from spare parts, but our costume is a sleek one-piece that is much easier to assemble. Of course, you do have to supply your own abnormal brain. We’re guessing that won’t be a problem. For a two-person trick or treat team, make sure your best friend is dressed up in our werewolf costume. This bodacious beast is rocking the woodsman flannel and shows all the posers what a full beard really looks like.

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Your little monster isn’t just a devil in (a pretty cute) disguise, he’s also your little hunk o’ love. So make him no less that The King for a night in this better-than-a-bacon-and-banana-and-peanut-butter-sandwich Elvis Onesie Costume! Not only was Elvis a music legend, but he rose to cultural icon status in part due to his killer sense of fashion and style. Leave it to him to add a dash of flash whenever possible and to set new trends with each and every appearance. Now, your babe may be too little to hold sway over New York Fashion Week, but it’s never too soon to teach him that the clothes do, indeed, make the tiny man. Adult Onesie Costume Pajamas Cosplay Cartoon Animal Onesies Sleepwear Cat Tiger Stitch Bear Panda Dog Unicorn Costumes #electronicsprojects #electronicsdiy #electronicsgadgets #electronicsdisplay #electronicscircuit #electronicsengineering #electronicsdesign #electronicsorganization #electronicsworkbench #electronicsfor men #electronicshacks #electronicaelectronics #electronicsworkshop #appleelectronics #coolelectronics