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The Choke collar is the predecessor to the martingale dog collar, used to either gain control over, or train, a dog. More than likely you have seen one used with a dog. Made of a metal chain, the choke collar works by tightening around a dogs neck when it is pulled. A choke collar is inexpensive, and can be an effective training tool when used in conjunction with voice commands. While it is probably one of the most common collars used today, when used improperly it can cause pain, or worse, injure a dog, as there is no limit to how tightly the collar can be constricted around the neck.

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It's my understanding that both top-clip and front-clip harnesses can be used on the CGC test. The leash must remain loose; the handler can't be guiding or stopping the dog with the leash no matter what the dog is wearing. Martingale collars, whether all nylon or part chain, are, in the words of my trainer: "allowed but not preferred." Head collars are not allowed.

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Bold Lead Designs Martingale Collar with Adjustable Chain - Black was added to your Shopping Cart. – are commonly applied for behaviour correction and obediencetraining. Looking like a medieval torture device, the prong orpinch collar should only be considered in the most extreme cases,when other methods have failed. These special training collars maybe an effective and useful management device, when properly used,for controlling dogs that might be extremely active, difficult tocontrol on a neck collar, or dog aggressive. These collars are alsorecognized as possibly useful for gaining control at the start ofbasic obedience training, essential education that dogs deserve andneed. Also, with proper training, your dog can learn to walk on aleash using one of the recommended devices above. you can train yourpet loose-leash walking and this is a rewarding way to help your dogovercome minor issues during a walk. Such training tools are notmeant for daily walking. The pinch dog collar constricts around theneck, along with a set of blunt prongs that push into a dog’s neckwhen he/she pulls. Otherwise, they can cause pain and even injury ifused in inappropriate way or with improper training methods. Thepinch dog collar works fast reacting on sharp dog’s movements.It is well known as a successful dog training correction tool. Whenyour pet is wearing a pinch collar, you don’t have to use as muchphysical strength to get an effective jerk as you do with a chokechain for example. Although this product looks quite severe, it mayactually be safer in some respect than the choke chain. Thesharp-looking parts only look dangerous but in fact, they areblunted and can’t pierce the skin. These pinches are spaced out sothat the force is spread out across all of them. Overall, pinchcollars produce less pressure on the neck when jerked hard comparedto the choke chains because the surface area of the pinch collar isgreater.

Martingale Collar with Chain Loop

– they were developed for sighthoundsinitially and other dogs with narrow heads, which allows them topull out of traditional dog collars. Martingale collars have limitedability to constrict when pulled, preventing dogs from pullingtheir heads out. Unlike slip collars, when sized and adjustedproperly, martingales will not completely choke your dog. They arelike flat collars but they tighten when the dog pulls. But despitethey tighten, these accessories are generally not used for giving acorrection the way a choke chain does. This kind of dog gear is usedbecause it is less likely to slip over the dog’s head when adjustedcorrectly comparing with a flat collar. Martingale dog collarsshould be adjusted so that even at their tightest they cannotaccidentally strangle the dog. It’s not recommended that a dog wearone of these while not supervised.

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