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One of the top most selling amazon cat litter product. Along with raving reviews and people finding it the best all over the world, We had to find out why so many loved precious cat premium clumping cat litter and so we decided to do a review of it.

Great review! We loved World’s Best when we tried it too. Jan won’t let us use clumping litter for the reason you mentioned.

Before we get into the reviews, let’s quickly have a look at the different types of clumping cat litters that we have around. There are basically two types of clumping cat litters out there. The regular one and the scented one.

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Any discussion or review of non clumping litter for cats won’t be complete without mentioning how it started. So this it was! The article about the best clumping cat litter reviews! You might find it confusing as we gave a list of 10 best cat litters in the table but only described the top 5. That’s because these are the best ones among the 10. Where all of the top 10 options are good enough, we prefer these 5 over the rest. That doesn’t mean you will have to think the same way.

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I recently had the chance to review . Okocat Natural Wood Clumping formulas are made from reclaimed fallen timbers and unused lumber materials. Okocat is a green way to take care of your cat’s litter needs. This litter is c

Blue Buffalo NATURALLY FRESH WALNUT Clumping Cat Litter Review

While there are no scientific, side-by-side comparisons of specific cat litters, there are plenty of experts who like to weigh in on the topic and they offer a lot of helpful information. We looked at what these cat professionals, experts and lovers had to say, and analyzed user reviews from all over the web. We used this information to identify the best cat litters by type -- clumping clay, biodegradable and crystal -- as well as clumping biodegradable options and alternatives for cats with special needs. Editors break down cat litters by their effectiveness, environment factors and value; top picks earn Best Reviewed status. If you're looking for an organic cat litter that clumps, is a top choice. This highly reviewed and highly recommended corn-based cat litter earns praise from many (but not all) experts and gets strong feedback from users. It clumps on contact with urine, so the litter box is easier to clean. It does a great job of neutralizing odors, though some say its large-sized pellets -- made of ground corn -- can be a bit dusty. The biggest downside is the premium price tag: It costs more than twice as much as your regular brand of cat litter. Many owners say you get what you pay for, while some aren't so sure.