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From WAC Lighting's INVISILED™ line comes the 12V Classic tape. This bright, energy efficient and low voltage linear LED tape light is available in 2", 1 foot and 5 foot sections. With it's low profile, flexibilty and bendability, this tape can easily fit any space. Three mounting methods are provided for different surfaces: self-adhesive tape, mounting clips, and retrofit channels.

Classic Pattern Duct Tape printed in a variety of classic patterns and designs.

The adhesive in Kinesio Tex Classic is applied in the traditional wave pattern that transmits sensory stimulation into the skin and allows moisture to flow easily from the tape. The “FP” in Kinesio Tex Gold FP stands for Finger Print, a pattern similar to the swirls on human fingertips. The result is deeper penetration into the dermal and fascial layers, enhancing the benefits, especially for neurological conditions.

Kinesio Tex Classic Tape RED 2" x 13.1' (6 rolls/box), wave pattern

Available in 100 yard rolls, assorted widths. (Formerly USCutter Brand Classic Application Tape) The Classical Seal Washi Tape is a cute and unique washi tape! The Classic Seal Washi Tape features four different seal designs that are repeated throughout the roll. You can use this cute tape to decorate your scrapbook, photo album, letters, cards and more! You can also use the Classic Seal Washi Tape as a card or letter seal. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Classic Tape | Teak | ROBERT ALLEN

The special techniques needed to apply the tape are described in instructional books and videos, however, classes with hands on instruction are the best way to learn how to use Kinesio® Tex Tape Classic for the different conditions. There are many ways to apply Kinesio® Tex Tape Classic and depending on the technique used, the tape can help:

GreenStar Layflat Classic Transfer Tape Medium Tack Assorted Widths

It’s amazing that several classic, iconic songs were created with the most minimalist equipment imaginable. And although the list above is impressive, I have a strong suspicion that it only scrapes the surface of the full pause-tape discography. is now Kinesio’s flagship consumer product. It utilizes the original wave pattern that has become known and loved the world over. Repackaged with a slightly smaller roll size (13′ vs 16′) and offered at a significantly lower price point (around $10 per roll), KinesioTape Classic is ideal for consumers and those new to KinesioTaping. Its lighter adhesive is hypoallergenic and latex-free, making it appropriate for all populations, including pediatric and geriatric skin-types. It is available in the traditional Kinesio colors of beige, black, blue and pink, as well as new white.Dr. Kenzo Kase introduced Kinesio Tape to the world over 30 years ago. Now known universally, the original Kinesio Tape in beige, black, blue and pink (or red, as the company inexplicably calls it), has stood the test of time and is the best known brand in the industry. Recently, however, competitive products with newer features began to erode Kinesio’s market share, creating the need to update or be left behind. The challenge for Kinesio was how to offer an advanced product to compete with the new brands without alienating the millions of devotees to the original KinesioTape. The answer they came up with was to create an entirely new product called Kinesio Tex Gold FP, AND to give the original formula a facelift and rename it Kinesio Tex Tape Classic.Emseal log home sealants are self-adhering tape seals made from resilient, open-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a water-based acrylic-modified asphalt emulsion (Classic LogHomeTape) or a water-based, acrylic impregnation (Acrylic LogHomeTape). They replace and outperform liquid sealants, butyl-tape sealants and closed-cell foam tapes.