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The results of the One-dimensional Chi-square test suggest that adolescents in this study did not look to favorite actors to know what clothing to wear but rather they knew what was fashionable to some extent. The respondents varied when it came to how much time they spent in the morning making their bodies look “just right.” Mature clothing for respondents showed a median and not a strong-sided answer. Adolescents within this study do not prefer the higher quality stores and only like department stores to some degree. Depending on the person, individuals choose clothing that either really makes them look sexy or clothing that does not draw attention to their body.

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There’s hope, though: Women’s fashion is reaching a , where the skinny jeans and flowy tops of the past decade are about to give way to a . Wide-leg pants are and popping up on store shelves. Choker necklaces and block heels are suddenly inescapable, after being neglected by the masses for years. Analysts say such a big change in style could give women fresh motivation to spend money on clothes. If stores wow them with their takes on the latest trends, shoppers might forget how badly they dropped the ball at the .

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We are an eco-friendly, mom-owned children's clothing store that got fed up by the lack of choice in clothing options for our daughters and sons Sales associates are retail gladiators – only the best make it to the coliseum of Nordstrom and boutiques beyond. Using online consumer choice, behavior, and past purchase data as their lethal weapon, they slice through clothing chaos with a clear focus – only showing items that matter most to each prized customer. The same happens online. With , you have someone there to defend your honor. We serve as your in-store associate – protector of the realm. In a world of retail disorder and endless choice, this is what digital commerce – in-store and online – is all about. We bring clarity and focus to consumers through a personalized shopping experience.

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High-end boutiques and retailers do this with surgical precision. Take Nordstrom, for example. You would never see a pile of unsorted clothes. NEVER. Consumer choice wants this at Forever 21. But not at Nordstrom. And they do more than just keep organized. They give a focused and tailored shopping experience to every single customer. With an appointment in the books, champagne in hand, and a sales associate by their side, consumers are whisked away to different areas of the store where they’re sure to find pieces of clothing that perfectly align with their style and preferences.

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The literature indicates that most adolescents look to celebrities and favorite actors for fashion ideas of what to wear and how to look sexy. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clothing choices of adolescents. This study was designed to collect information on whether or not celebrities influenced adolescents’ clothing choices. The survey instrument, which was distributed to junior high students at Immanuel Christian School and to high school students at Valencia High School during the spring semester of 2008, requested demographic information and included five Likert-type scale questions. It can be concluded that adolescents do not look to their favorite actors for fashion choices. They like to look more mature with their clothing choices, and they do not prefer to shop at designer stores. Editor’s note: This study was conducted in the 2007-08 academic year.