2 male chinchillas w/cage 3yrs old.

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Browse 7 cheap houses for sale in Chinchilla, PA, priced up to $200000

You can get cheap chinchilla cages and cages that are priced quite heavily, depending on the size and features that you expect. If you are looking for a simple, airy cage to house one chinchilla, the price would be quite affordable. However, if you are looking for a cage that is fitted with all accessories and separate compartments, you will have to shell out a huge sum of money. Ensure that you look out for advertisements from chinchilla adoption centers or other retail stores in your area about chinchilla cages for sale. When you buy them on sale, you can get a good deal on the cost and save a huge sum of money.

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Browse 6 cheap houses for sale in Chinchilla, PA, priced up to $200000

I have two 6-7-month-old male chinchillas for sale

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