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These chicken coops and enclosed runs are designed right. So whether you're new to keeping chickens or to carpentry, you can raise your own garden-fresh eggs — without turning your backyard into a barnyard. Take your pick. . .

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We were reading all about raising chickens and looked at all kinds of options for building chicken runs and coops – we were trying to be prepared. We had a heat lamp, lots of fresh food and water and we would spend loads of time with them, talking to them and bonding. Month after month, our hens were growing, having all the feed, scratch, bread, oatmeal, cornbread, and veggies, that their little hearts desired. We thought it was funny though, that little Peep was filling out differently than the other hens…and we thought her colors were just gorgeous. Three Barred Rock hens and one hen … what a perfect flock!

chicken coop pictures | chicken coop designs: chicken runs and coops.

Further discussion about coops, runs, tractors, pens or paddocks or raising chickens in general in . Looking for ideas on how to build chicken runs and coops from recycled materials? Here are 4 great ways to build the chicken coop of your dreams!

chicken coop pictures | chicken coop designs: chicken runs and coops

Create a comfortable outdoor space for your chicken with Petco's range of chicken coops for sale, including chicken runs, houses & chicken coop kits.

Chicken Coops & Runs In Your Backyard

Browse below if you keep hens. In the board below you'll find some chicken coops and runs for sale which might come in handy in the garden or your farm. Check out the amenities and prices. With a coop like this, your hens can be safe! vegetation factor: 0 to 7 - I have seen coops and runs that were too small, so every spec of vegetation was utterly gone. So the vegetation factor would be the same for a factory farm: zero. Although I have never seen it, I can imagine a chicken run loaded with plenty of variety of plants edibleto chickens. But without the element of paddock shift (more on paddock shift later), the vegetation cannot do nearly as well.Here at Lancaster Chicken Coops, we have chicken coops with runs for sale. There are two options available – with or without roof. Our chicken runs are available in multiple sizes, depending on your coop style and desired run size. All chicken runs come standard with 14 gauge vinyl coated wire with 1" x 2" hole size. Ask us about adding wire to the bottom side of your chicken run to prevent large burrowing critters!But that's just part of it. We also designed these chicken coops and runs with you in mind. They're attractive, functional, and easy to clean and maintain — all while making efficient use of materials and space.