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The California law requires a chicken coop be 60 square feet (five feet by 12 feet) and hold no more than 60 chickens. At that size, an at-capacity cage would allow one square foot per chicken.

I am soon getting 12 chickens and i have a 8 by 11 sized coop. do you think they will get too cold in the winter?

I would really like to get a few chickens but I'm confused about housing them. I've been looking at pre-fab sheds - I thought I'd buy one then insulate it, add a set of steel nesting boxes and a perch or two as well as a chicken door and build an attached enclosed run. We would let them have free range during the day in the summertime, but we have cold winters here in upstate NY so they'd have to be confined to the coop in the winter. What size coop should I look buy? If I got a 6'x8' how many chickens would fit comfortably? How about an 8'x10'?

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I think you should make sure to decide on how many chickens you want in advance and build a coop which is double that size! The main thing that honestly surprised me is how large full size chickens get and to emphasize: build your coop larger than you think. I had read that over, and over, and over and it really sunk in when my six chickens were fully grown and I had to increase the size of their coop and run.

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Ana created this chicken coop plan for his friend, Whitney, who managed to build it in 30 hours in 4 days with only 3 people working on it. In this post, Ana listed every tool, material (and the size), and the 3D SketchUp pictures that you'll need to build the coop.

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Chickens will be happier and healthier if they are let out during the day to forage. At night, they need protection against predators, so they should be kept in a chicken coop or shelter. The proper size of the coop depends on how many birds you have, what size they are, and whether you let them out to forage during the day or keep them confined to the coop.How many square feet per chicken? How much space does a chicken need? Chicken coop size? How to build a chicken coop? 4 square feet per chicken. Four square feet per chicken. How much space do my chickens need? Square feet per chicken in a coop? Chicken coop size for? What size coop for 6 chickens? 12 chickens? 24 chickens? pen. run.Another consideration for chicken flock size is personal egg consumption. Are you a family of eight, all of whom love eggs? Are you not an egg eater at all, but love the idea of chickens in your garden? Are you a bachelor who loves gourmet omelets? Generally speaking, allow two laying hens per person eating eggs. But first pay attention to the space reserved for a chicken coop, an outside pen, and your garden size.Coop size and shape. Each chicken needs at least 2 square feet of indoor space, or 3-6 square feet in an outdoor run. For example, for indoor chickens, you should multiply the number of chickens by 2 to get the minimum square footage.