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I keep all my Ball Pythons on newspaper. It is cheap, easy to pull out and add more and you can see when your snake has messed his enclosure. Aspen or cypress can also be used and looks good but can get messy. If your snake lays in urine too long it can get scale rot on its belly, not fun for you or the snake. NEVER keep snakes on cedar or pine, it has harmful chemicals in it and be harmful to your animal.

In , the accepted answer suggested replacing a (very cheap) if statement in Python code with a try/except block to improve performance.

As pets, Burmese pythons are easy to find and cheap to buy. Many pet stores in Florida sell the popular, docile snakes. At reptile trade shows they sell for as little as $20 (U.S.).

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While we carry over 100 different Ball Python morphs and mutations we have found that most of our customers are new to the hobby. It is much easier to start in the shallow end of the pool so it was with this thought in mind that we created our cheap ball pythons category. This section includes animals that were bred and raised with the very same care as our thousand dollar specimens, the only difference is that all of these snakes fall at the hundred dollar and below price point.

Our ball pythons for sale cheap have been produced right here by us or purchased from some of our close friends who have been in the business for decades. This category is an exciting new section of our site that will give beginner snake keepers an opportunity to try the hobby for a smaller investment. We guarantee that you will enjoy the experience and that we will offer you the same service that every customer at xyzReptiles receives. For those looking to invest a little more money into their reptile pets we suggest you check out our category page that has more than 100 different available.

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There are tons of different substrates (stuff to cover the floor of the enclosure) to choose from all have their pro’s and cons. I use bounty paper towels for all my ball pythons they are relatively cheap and super easy to replace when soiled. You should clean your snakes enclosure at least once a week, don’t allow feces and urates to build up! F-10 veterinary disinfectant is a great product that dosen’t need to be rinsed off and kills all bacteria and viruses. I like paper towel cause when my snakes defecate i change all the paper towel spray the cage out give it a wipe and replace fresh paper towel keeping things very clean and sterile. Loose substrates like aspen and repti bark can be spot cleaned when soiled and completely replace about every 4-6 weeks. Other good substrates for ball pythons are newspaper, aspen, repti-bark and cypress mulch. If you live in a region with low humidity or you are having trouble keeping the humidity up then repti- bark or cypress mulch are a great choice. It’s not a big deal if a little loose substrate gets into your snakes mouth when eating and is swallowed, obviously try to avoid this but your snake can handle it no worries! Just remember your snake digests a whole prey item, fur, bones everything no problem. Make sure the mulch you use it suitable for snakes and does not contain pesticides or bugs (some mulches bought at gardening centres have these problems) Do not use cedar shavings as a substrate as the oils in the wood are toxic to snakes also avoid using sand as it can become lodged in the snakes scales/nose/ mouth which will irritate the snake and potentially cause respiratory issues.It depends on where you live, and how much your ball python eats! My recommendation is to go to the nearest pet store to you to get some idea of how much they charge for rats. That’s pretty much the only cost you’ll have when it comes to them. Very cheap as far as pets go!