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Chameleons should never be kept in a glass terrarium or aquarium. They need the ventilation that a mesh enclosure (fine metal or fiberglass mesh is not recommended but PVC coated hardware cloth is good) provides. Vertical space is essential and a cage size of 36 inches by 24 inches by 36 to 48 inches tall is recommended (the bigger and taller the better).

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A mesh or screened enclosure is your best option for a pet chameleon. Air circulation and ventilation along with the abundance of climbing options are perfect in a mesh cage for pet chameleons. More height is preferred over a wider enclosure since Senegals will climb up a cage, not from side to side. A three foot tall by a foot and a half wide enclosure is often recommend for these smaller chameleons but larger enclosures won't hurt.

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Oct 30, 2016 - Are you wondering why your chameleon should have a mesh cage Chameleons make great pets. But to keep a chameleon healthy and safe, you need to give it a nice habitat. You can buy chameleon cages of mesh or glass, or you could devote a whole room to your chameleon. Whatever you choose, ensure your chameleon has plenty of branches and natural objects to climb on, and can access basking bulbs and ultraviolet lights.

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A 1m x 1m x 1m cage will be suitable for a pair or trio of individuals. Furnish the cage with appropriately sized branches and robust hardy plants. The flooring, if using living plans, should compose of a peat/sand mix which will give the plants rooting ability. Plenty of cover is important so as to allow individuals to ‘hide’ from one another. Vents in the cage will allow fresh air to circulate through it. The top of the cage should be mesh, as this will allow lighting and heating to be suspended from the outside. Branches should be a sufficient distance from the mesh to prevent the chameleons from climbing on it and potentially burning themselves beneath the heat source.

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Although mesh cages are best for chameleons, they are also awful at maintaining high humidity which, ironically enough, is something Senegal chameleons require.Captive turtles and tortoises commonly live in fresh-air habitats. Snakes can inhabit mesh cages if the mesh is very smooth; otherwise snakes will quickly hurt themselves by rubbing their noses on rough surfaces. Open-air habitats are most often used for chameleons, but they work well with many other tropical rainforest species. For home open-air husbandry, use lizards from a climate similar to your own. If you live in the deserts of California or Arizona, open-air caging may work with species like bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) and banded geckos (Coleonyx sp.). Likewise, keepers in south Florida are well suited to keep tropical species like frilled dragons (Chlamydosaurus kingii) and green baskilisks (Basiliscus plumifrons) in fresh-air habitats. If you live in a very cold and dry location, it may not be feasible to keep any species in an outdoors habitat. Your geography impacts use of a fresh-air habitat outdoors more than it does any other cage style.