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I have also tried turning the leash around and looping it around the neck. Same deal, it falls down as you walk and you are constantly finding yourself having to adjust it. I decided to try the Illusion Dog Training Collar, which was designed by Cesar Millan's ex-wife, Illusion. I immediately noticed a difference in the way my dogs walked.

Nylon Rope Dog whisperer Cesar Millan style Slip Training leash lead and collar

If your dog’s neck measures less than 13 inches around the base of the neck, you should not use the collar. The Illusion collar is not intended for puppies under one year of age. Consult your local professional or veterinarian for further advice. The materials, such as the width of the straps and the size of the “O” rings, are specifically designed for larger dogs. Please note that the two rectangular keepers are to keep excess strap from flapping. Cesar Millan, Inc. is not liable for any modifications made to the collar.

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Nylon Rope Dog whisperer Cesar Millan style Slip Training leash lead and collar Hi i have just rescued a 5 month old rottweiler puppy from a dogs home.

He is ok on the lead but he is getting strong, do you recommend that i buy a harness for him and try using that?

Thanks nicola

Hi Nicola
Actually I personally prefer to use a prong collar, it's much more effective than a harness and also safer and more effective than a regular 'choke chain' collar.

I'd recommend that you take a look at my page to see some examples of these.

There is also a new and innovative product designed by Cesar Millan, it's called the , and you might want to also take a look at that.

At 5 months old, your Rottweiler pup is entering his teenage stage which can be challenging, so it's important to get his leash-walking under control now. He will be much bigger and stronger soon!

I'd recommend enrolling him in a local dog obedience class so that you can get some hands-on help with his training and you can both learn to communicate and understand each other. The socialization will also be beneficial to him.

I wish you both lots of luck and hope this helps.

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Please visit the Products Page for more information on the DVDs, books, audio CDs and training aids, such as the Pack Leader Collar, that Cesar Millan offers.

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Aversive training techniques, which have been seen to be used by Cesar Millan, are based on the principle of applying an unpleasant stimulus to inhibit behaviour. This kind of training technique can include the use of prong collars, electric shock collars, restricting dogs’ air supply using nooses/leads or pinning them to the ground, which can cause pain and distress. The use of such techniques may compromise the welfare of dogs and may worsen the behavioural problems they aim to address, potentially placing owners at considerable risk. A number of scientific studies have found an association between the use of aversive training techniques and the occurrence of undesired behaviours in dogs.