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If you're thinking about building a lizard cage by yourself, I would urge you to reconsider. The cages for sale these days are much better than anything you could build on your own. And you can buy one for $75 - $150. But the cage itself is only one aspect of bearded dragon care. In this article, you'll learn about all the other components that make up a habitat.

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A basic setup for your bearded dragon includes a cage, lighting, heating, substrate, climbing structures, dishes, and thermometers. It’s quite simple to construct and once you have the core elements of the setup and environment taken care of (temperatures, proper lighting, basking spot, etc.) then you can “theme” however you want!

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Here’s a few tips on taking care of feeder crickets for bearded dragons. Dragons that are properly cared for can live for up to twelve years. If you are a new bearded dragon pet owner, you need to learn how to care for your pet properly. Properly caring for your bearded dragon includes giving him the proper enclosure, substrate, food, water, lighting and temperature.

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Picking and setting up an appropriate cage for your bearded dragon is important. Learn how to set up bearded dragon habitats with expert reptile tips in this free pet care video.

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What do I need for my pet bearded dragon?
You want a bearded dragon and want to make sure it receives proper care. To do this you must have everything needed before you bring your new pet home. Below is a list of all the items to keep your new dragon happy and healthy.In addition to reading the articles below, I recommend that you read at least one book on the care of bearded dragons (there are several of them available). You should also speak to somebody who has experience caring for this particular species. That's the best way to learn about the care for bearded dragons, and to decide if you're up for the challenge.Welcome to the bearded dragon section of Reptile Knowledge. Below, you'll find a collection of bearded dragon care sheets that cover everything from housing to feeding. Spend some time perusing the articles below, and you'll be better prepared to care for your pet dragon.Remember, we add new articles to this website on a regular basis. So be sure to check back often for more care sheets on bearded dragons and other reptiles. I hope you have found this website helpful, and I wish you all the best with your pet lizard.