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The mesh created at this stage would look very similar to what you see used in games with a low poly count. If I added few more loops I could even get away with a high quality model without using any subdivisions, only carefully using smoothing groups/hard edges.

WOVMG-10: Stainless steel woven car grill mesh with diamond opening installed on a black car front

Keeps your pet from getting in the front seat of your car. Made of nylon mesh. Fastens to the front seat with belts and reinforced with removeable fiberglass rods for structure and stability.

Smart Car Custom Grilles | Billet, Mesh, CNC, LED, Chrome, Black

WOVMG-14: Stainless steel car grill mesh woven by flat wire and round wire A constant-mesh transmission offers several advantages over a sliding-mesh design. First, the dog clutch is designed for the task, rather than asking the gear to do dual duty of power transmission and sliding engagement. Second, the dog clutch is typically smaller in diameter than the gear it controls, so absolute speeds of the engaging parts are lower, aiding engagement. Thus, while a non-synchromesh transmission still relies on the operator to match speeds, gears are easier to engage. Third, a constant-mesh transmission can easily use which are smoother, quieter, and can carry more torque for a given size of gear. Fourth, a constant-mesh transmission can use synchromesh for easier shifting; while many heavy vehicle transmissions do not use it, most medium- and light-duty automotive transmissions do.

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In a sliding-mesh gearbox, individual gears are mounted so they always engage the shaft, but gears on one shaft can be moved axially. To engage a particular pair of gears, one gear is slid axially until it fully engages a gear on the other shaft. If the gear shafts are spinning so the two gears have the same surface speed, the gears are relatively easy to engage. However, if speeds are mismatched, the gears tend to "bounce" off each other at first contact and resist engagement. Thus, gear engagement relies on the driver carefully matching speeds, typically through practice and intuition.

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Shiney is a leader company in aftermarket mesh grille design and manufacturing, supplying metal mesh grills for nearly every car and truck radiators and vents at home and abroad.We can supply car grilles in styles of welded and woven wire fabric mesh, expanded and perforated metal mesh. Main materials are Aluminum 6063-T5 or stainless steel 304(0Cr19Ni9), and surface treatment can be triple chromed in a brilliant shine or polished finish, or powder-coated in various colors. They make your vehicle look cooler than ever.