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Indoor aviaries come in many forms. They can be in the form of large flight cages (either custom-built or store-bought) or the walk-in variety. Many people believe it is beneficial to use large aviaries for large amounts of Finches because it seems easier. If you are breeding or plan to breed your flock, this is not true! Large aviaries require lots of observation to keep track of mating.

Please do not keep birds in these cages long term, not enough room for finches to fly around.

Cages are also best used for people who keep a few finches, or a variety of species that don't mix well in an aviary setting. The majority of finch owners don't breed their birds. They simply want to enjoy their company.

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Model 604 Canary/Finch four stackable breeding cages with stand, perfect for smaller sized birds. When you have prepared you can give him a chance to or her out of the confine for quite a while with the goal that they can fly unreservedly for some time. When you are selecting a cage for finch, there are a couple of things that you ought to consider. In this article we will figure out how you can locate the ideal large finch cages.

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There is an immense variety with regards to finch bird cages. From simple finch enclosures to fancy enlivening finches cage, you have a great deal of alternatives to look over the cage you select will depend to a great extent on the types of winged bird you claim. You ought to ensure that the enclosure you select fits into the stylistic layout of your home and that it is not very confined. You ought to have the capacity to clean the confine effortlessly as winged creatures tend to make somewhat of a wreck.

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Finches live communally and need room to socialize. They need privacy for nesting as well as space for exercise. We've got it all in our classic and designer bird cages. Wire grid walls accept multiple finch nests, and the height of most models allows for varied levels of play and perching. Big optional bird baths encourage interaction, while room for several feeding stations keeps competition to a minimum.The perches that come with the cages are usually made of soft wood. Soft wood perches have a slight disadvantage. That disadvantage is that the bird’s nails do not have a hard enough surface to help naturally trim their nails. So you will on occasion have to trim their nails for them, (more so for society finches than zebra finches). You can reduce the amount of nail trimming by tossing those perches and doing one of two things:
The magnificent exteriors of our cages are easy to keep looking new. The hardwood can't be reached or damaged by finches, and the interior cage can be cleaned easily because of the slide-out drawer. Ample yet hidden seed guards keep bird seed off the wood finish (and your floor!), so your finch bird cage will remain a quality family heirloom for years to come. Please contact us with your order by emailing today.When it comes to bird cages, size does matter. In short, you should purchase the largest cage you can afford. A finch cage must allow enough space for your bird to fly around. A minimum size would be 24 inches (61 cm) and about half that in width. Height is not as critical as having proper length and width.