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Frequent cleaning of your hamster cage is one of the secrets to rearing healthy and happy hamsters. No matter the features of a hamster cage, it may not be a great purchase if you can't clean it easily and frequently.

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Even a happy social pair or group of dwarf hamsters can get grouchy with each other from time to time, but in the wrong type of cage a minor argument can turn into a serious fight. If there is an area where one hamster can corner another, this can turn into a "pressure point" that can cause arguments to escalate, so plan to have either a cage that is difficult for one hamster to corner another in, or lay things out so that there isn't any area one hamster can get trapped in. Aquarium or bin type cages will work well for providing an open floor plan without pressure points, and tube cages can be planned so that every area has at least two exits to keep it from becoming a trap.

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Pink and Blue 3 Storey Dwarf Hamster Cage with 2 wheels so they don't fight over the wheel! The The Hamster/Gerbil Skyscraper is for the hamster owner who wants the maximum amount of space to build the habitat of any hamster's dream. You won't lack space to add any number of accessories in this cage, which provides two levels with generous flat running space as well as two additional partial levels. Even though this is a fairly expensive cage, it provides an amazing value in price compared to other large hamster cages when you look at the overall space and construction. We recommend minimally covering the horizontal levels with a solid covering to make it more comfortable for your hamster, but Martin's Cages builds their cages with a smaller wire spacing than many brands which will make the ramps safer than most if left uncovered. With one large front door, it's easy to access all parts of your hamster's cage, and with the optional addition of a flip top lid your access can get even better. The pan is three inches deep, but the wire fencing sits inside the plastic pan and helps keep bedding in the cage surprisingly well. While the rectangular mesh makes these cages very secure even for young syrian hamsters, it also means the bar spacing is too small to accomadate a wheel being attached directly to the wire, but this is a fairly minor issue to work around for an otherwise very well made cage. The rectangular mesh also discourages hamsters who are bar chewers as it doesn't provide as easy of an angle for chewing as cages with only horizontal or vertical bars. Martin's Cages are shipped flat packed so expect to take 20-30 minutes assembling your cage, at the end you'll have one of the sturdiest hamster cages out there.

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The cage should never be cramped with stuff giving little floor or climbing space. Hamsters are very active and require lots of room to have fun in.

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Your pet hamster requires a safe cage that provides room to run around, exercise, eat, and sleep. You can provide this as simply or as lavishly as you want as long as the basic requirements are met. Wire Cage
A wired bar cage as an excellent home. Just make certain the bars are close enough together that your hamster can’t wriggle through. Be sure that any door can be securely latched, your pet is capable of moving a sliding door with his teeth and escaping.