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If you are committed to sustainability and/or don't necessarily have the time to shop, but want your kids exposed to educational toys? Sparkbox curates several toys based upon a child's developmental age and sends them to the home on a monthly basis. Love one of the toys in the box, then buy it for a reduced price and keep it.

I have asked all my family members to not buy my children toys just because.

Are you worried about a potential meltdown every time you go to the store and don't buy your son a toy? Here are some tips to handle the situation before, during and after!

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Get ready for a blast from the past with Joel Magee and his Norfolk-Virginia Beach Vintage Toy Buying Show. Shoppers looking to stock up in November may want to take a toy's popularity into account when deciding whether to buy. Adobe reported that up to 15 percent of the products online shoppers viewed in the weeks leading up to Christmas were out of stock, and toys were especially likely to be unavailable.

Max Plush Toy [Only @ Best Buy]

My kids would like to buy toy rifles and Civil War costumes when we're in Gettysburg. Is it possible to buy stuff like that at the battlefield Visitor's Center? If not, any places in town that sell toy rifles and costumes?

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When you buy one, it's inside a magical-looking speckled egg a little bit larger than a grapefruit. After rubbing the egg for 30 minutes or so, it will start to glow, and the creature inside (about the size of a Furby) will slowly peck and push through the shell. "As far as we know, a toy that's able to hatch on its own hasn't been done before," said James Martin, head of Spin Master's robotics unit, said to .At the marketplaces at , , and , third-party sellers have been asking $200 to $350 per Hatchimals toy. Individual Hatchimals have typically been selling for $120 to $200 on auctions lately, so bidding seems to yield better prices than the "Buy It Now" approach.Well, speaking of non-authorized resellers, the Internet has plenty of them, and they most certainly are charging inflated prices. At , where sellers were listing multiple sets of a few holiday seasons back, opportunistic entrepreneurs are asking $150 and up per Hatchimal. And as you'd expect with any must-have toy craze, some sellers are pushing the envelope to see how high the market will go: One listing was offering two sets of seven Hatchimals (14 toys total) for $20,000, and nearly two dozen other Hatchimals listings had "Buy It Now" prices of $5,000 or more.According to our research, nearly 6-of-10 parents (59%; N = 516) say interactive toy displays/packaging, that allow children (or, in some families, the parent) to play with the toy in-store prior to buying it, are either extremely or very influential to their toy-purchase decisions. An additional 31% said they're moderately important.