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The project includes an additional southbound lane on from to the interchange, an extra lane on the interchange ramp at Best Buy and an added acceleration lane on the 250 Bypass from the interchange to the exit.

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So you or the loved one you care for needs a wheelchair ramp to get in/out of the house. Should you rent one? Should you buy one? Should you build one? The answer depends on your specific situation and the resources you have to devote. Following are thoughts to consider.

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Buying a Wheelchair Ramp We at OC Ramps love skateboarding, but we also look out for our BMX friends. BMX, scooter riders and rollerbladers will find that our ramp design is perfect for a simple launch ramp, or a professional backyard bike park. And that’s because when you buy a ramp kit from us, you can expect to build a heavy duty ramp.

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So unless you’re out digging around in the forest yourself, how can you tell if the ramps you’re buying at your local market were harvested sustainably? Simple answer: You can’t. However, Jacob Richler, a writer with Maclean’s magazine and self-proclaimed ramp enthusiast, says in his own against ramp destruction that as consumers you can do your best to only buy plants that look like they’ve been collected the right way.

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This winter, after buyers' suggestions, we will offer dormant ramp bulbs for those who want to have 'ramp gardens'. These ramp bulbs will be shipped, weather permitting, from November 15th. Thru February 15th. They will be shipped priority mail to ensure a timely planting in the frigid weather. Bulbs should be covered with up to two inches of soil and then covered with deciduous tree leaves for insulation.
No I'm sure. I tested the stock Ramp Buggy and it was broken after like 15 contacts with cars. Additionally there is a note on the website that states that the stock version is weaker, although I think that this is very tricky. I mean I'm not the guy who enters the website and reads everything carefully (gonna do this from now on XD), I'm rather the guy who says: A NEW RAMP CAR?? AWESOME *clicks buy now*. You know what I mean?Now i want to buy securoserv version, I can't sell buggy ramp, and can't buy the securoserv version because it tells me i already own it, can you tell me what to do ?
We make every effort to process your wheelchair ramp order as promptly as possible. Most items ship within 1 business day from when you place an order. Packages usually arrive within 3-5 business days from the ship date. (business days do not include, weekends or holidays). Buy a wheelchair ramp today!