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Suncast’s 23 inches deluxe pet carrier is perfect for the extra chubby bunny that will struggle to fit in to normal sized rabbit transport cages. It is 23 inches long and 15 inches wide. For normal sized rabbits, this will be akin to a plush rabbit cage with ample space.

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Allowing you to transport your bunny in style and comfort, the iPet carrier is double sided and functions as a handbag/carrier to let your bunny peek out as you carry him from place to place. Animals love this unit as it lets them see out rather than being confined, but still feel safe and close to you. The great thing about this carrier is that it is both lightweight and easy to strap on whenever you need to take your bunny for a quick trip. Rated highly by users.

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Sitting next to the bunny is the person who presumably brought the animal on the train. The carrier can be seen . Kumi Boutz and her bunny, Shigeru, were directly affected by what a past passenger had done. While visiting Hawaii, Kumi met the rabbit in need of a third new home. She was so taken by him she decided to adopt him and bring him back to California. Her ticket was on United which still permits carry-on bunnies on other routes but recently banned rabbit travel in the cabin from Hawaii to the mainland. It seems during a flight a rabbit got out of the kennel, made a mess of the cabin, and wreaked of havoc before being caught. As a result, Shigeru rode the long flight alone in baggage. (He seems to have made the trip and the adjustment to his new home just fine.)The cargo compartment is heated and pressurized, and animals in airline-approved containers are hand carried aboard (however, they are not issued hearing protection while being transported to the plane amidst the idling jet engines). Multiple animals in the same kennel fly for the price of one. Ground temperature really makes a difference because an airline cannot board an animal if the temperature on the tarmac at the departure or destination is too hot or too cold, so you may need to adjust your departure or arrival time to an earlier or later part of the day. For a list of regulations regarding transportation of animals by air, write Animal Care-APHIS, US Dept. of Agriculture, Hyattsville, MD 20782. The information on ventilation in cargo is quite educational.

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If you have a small rabbit or a young bunny many of the above carriers may be too big for them. Instead, you might want to consider this small pet carrier from Living World. In this case the large size may be the one you need to transport your bun. Made from a sturdy plastic, the top and bottom securely fit together and easily come apart to remove your dwarf bunny and clean the inside. The top is a clear plastic lid that pops open to lift your rabbit in and out and also provides an easy way for you to see them when they’re inside.

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