Safflower seed is usually found in bulk at better feed stores

I buy birdseed in bulk. I feed my birds, safflower, thistle and sunflower seeds, wild bird seed and peanuts for the squirrels and blue jays. I buy the wild bird seed locally, usually a 40 lb bag comes out the cheapest. I buy the specialty seeds in bulk online. The bags are usually 40-50 lbs, but the price comes out to approx $1 and change for the birdseed. In stores, you pay over $2 a lb. That's how I figured it anyway. Several of the places that sell it in bulk online will ship free. Sometimes even paying $50 or $60 for shipping, it still comes out cheaper than buying in store. When it gets here, the bags are wrapped tight or in tear proof bags. I just put the big bags in two metal trash cans with lids. Then I bungee cord the lid to the handles just to make sure the smart squirrels don't get in there. When I'm filling birdfeeders, I just bring the feeders to the cans, have a seat and scoop and fill. I've been doing this for years and it's worked out really well for me. By from Maryland


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and Supplement Manufacturer, Distributor and Wholesale Supplier of bulk Safflower Seed Oil. Safflower is a white, shiny conical seed that's gaining popularity among people who find that cardinals like it and some squirrels and grackles don't. The operative word in that statement is some. Lots of squirrels love safflower seed. Safflower seed is usually found in bulk at better feed stores. You can offer it in any feeder that dispenses sunflower seed or scatter it on the ground to attract cardinals (who aren't much for perching on tube feeders). Safflower seed is nice to offer, but not vital; any bird that will eat safflower will also take sunflower seed.

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Bulk Wild Bird Foods include straight seeds: two kinds of sunflower seeds, two types of sunflower meats, Safflower seed, Nyjer (thistle) seed, white millet, whole or cracked corn, peanut pick outs, and in-shell peanuts.

Safflower seed is a cardinal favorite

Safflower seeds are not generally available in small bird feeding sections in grocery stores or other large retailers, but pet stores and wild bird stores will stock this more unique food. Online birdseed retailers also offer safflower, often at bulk discount rates that are more affordable than buying the seed from limited facilities. If straight safflower seeds are not available, it can often be found in "cardinal blend" mixes that will contain a greater proportion of safflower seed than other mixes. High quality birdseed blends will also usually contain some amount of safflower, though cheaper, less varied mixes are unlikely to have any of this seed included.The ultimate wild birdfood mix features more than ten different quality ingredients: sunflower seed, white millet nyjer@ seed, and cracked corn finch millet, sunflower hearts, safflower seed, peanuts, peanut hearts, cracked corn, canary seed, tree nuts and dried fruit. Contact us for a great bulk deal.