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Besides using brine shrimps (at their baby stage) to feed tropical fish, they can also be grown to adulthood when fed properly. Because the digestive system of a brine shrimp is not yet fully developed in the first of its life, no feeding is needed yet during that time. Growing brine shrimp are actually easy to feed since they are not fussy when it comes to their food. One can feed them almost any type of food such as whey, yeast, commercial fry food, soybean powder, wheat flour, fish meal, and even egg yolk. What is important is that the food used in feeding them is easily digestible by the brine shrimps but not easily dissolved in water, which is why powdered milk is not an option. One should also also avoid overfeeding the brine shrimp as doing so can damage the quality of the water in the growing tank.

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Live adult brine shrimp are a good supplement to the diet of almost all small- to medium-sized tropical or coldwater fish and are available in many of the larger aquarium shops throughout the country. Unfortunately, live adult brine shrimp are also an expensive source of food because of the high transportation costs. It is often cheaper to buy a supply of eggs and hatch and raise the resulting nauplii to the desired adult size. The primary difficulty with this is the vast amount of space that is necessary to raise sufficient shrimp to feed a large collection of fish.

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And if brine shrimp harvesting on the Great Salt Lake collapses, it could drive up the cost of seafood worldwide, Lozada said. What are referred to as brine shrimp eggs are actually cysts which swell with water when they become wet. The cysts start to hatch at after about . Because the baby brine shrimp have incomplete digestive and excretory systems at this point, they cannot take in and process any food. This, and the fact that their bodies are packed with energy, makes them perfect as food for tropical fish.

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In addition to that, baby brine shrimp can be easily digested. They also have the ability to survive for several hours when placed in a tank filled with baby tropical fish. This ensures that the tropical fish are provided a continuous supply of food, and that they get to grow in a tank in which the water’s good quality has been maintained. A number of commercial fish foods easily dissolve in water and affect its quality.

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