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This is my female Pink convict cichlid pair off with my male convict cichlid.. if you wanted to know how to breed pink convict cichlid with black... its very easy just put them together but.. fish have personalities so if it looks like they don't like each other trade them out with another convict. and let the fish choose who they like.

The Black Convict Cichlid is a very interesting fish that will breed effortlessly. They are fun to watch and they do well in any cichlid or semi aggressive setup.

I have a 110 gallon tank with 2 pair of convict cichlids. They share the tank with a large pleco, 2 cory cats, 2 pictus cats, 4 black skirt tetra, 4 cherry barbs, and 4 black neon tetras. My convicts have yet to breed, but are a great fish to have. They have great personalities and are fun to watch. They don't seem to bother the other fish in the tank, but it is very clear that they run tank. I've always heard that convicts aren't a community fish, but I've had really good luck with mine. All the fish do very well in my tank and I don't ever see the convicts chasing or harassing any of the other fish. I added the convicts as younger fish, but they have grown quite large. Both males are around 5 inches long and both females are slightly smaller. Neither pair has bred yet (not sure why), but I'm not in it for the breeding as much as I am for the pure joy of watching them flourish in a great environment. My tank has gravel for the substrate, artificial plants, large rocks and three artificial tree trunks (strategically placed) for hiding and decoration. I've been in the hobby for several years and have yet to lose a fish, except due to old age. I've had many different fish species, over the years, and this is the first time that I've integrated a community tank with known, aggressive fish. The convicts are a great addition to my tank and I am more than impressed with their character and social behavior. Any cichlid, in my experience, is a great addition to any tank. I am curious, though, as to whether or not others have had any success introducing the more aggressive species to a community tank. I have also had Jack Dempseys, years ago, and they did not do well in a community environment. My convicts, however, are doing very well. I am very impressed with this site, too, and its abundance of helpful information. This is a great hobby and it brings me and my family hours of enjoyment. Thanks Badman! From: Sandra

with mosquito larvae and live black worms being particular favorites.

Breeding: Cryptoheros nigrofasciatus (Black Convict Cichlid) is extremely easy to breed and will breed under almost any conditions I have a 30 gallon fish tank for four years now.
1 breeding pair of black convicts,
2 yellow labs. ( african cichlids )
1 jewel ( african cichlid )
1 pearl gourami
1 pleco
my convicts have had six batches of fry so far.
i find the easiest way to keep the parents from fighting each other
is to remove the fry after two and a half to three weeks after birth.
i put the first two batches in a twenty gallon tank by themselves
whith one small pleco, i have discarded the last four batches,
they grow slow, and ran out of room.

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The convict cichlid is a native of Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and other areas of Central America. The convict cichlid's body is gray-blue with vertical black "prison" stripes from its nose to its tail. Due to years of captive breeding, there are also color variants of the convict cichlid available. The four known color variants of the convict cichlid are an albino form, a gold variation, a multicolored variant and the popular pink convict cichlid.

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