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Typical hushpuppy ingredients include cornmeal, wheat flour, eggs, salt, baking soda, milk or , and water, and may include onion, spring onion (), garlic, whole kernel , and . Sometimes pancake batter is used. The batter is mixed well, adjusting ingredients until thick, and dropped a spoonful at a time into hot oil. The small breads are fried until crispy golden brown, and cooled. Hushpuppies are served with seafood or foods. They are commonly made at home or served in restaurants advertising home-style food.

“: Sent to me by . Pure bread puppy. I'm doing this to my dog next time I see her. ”LMAO

Southerners have been eating tasty balls of fried cornmeal batter for quite some time, though they didn't call them hushpuppies at first. At least two decades before "hushpuppy" appeared in print, South Carolinians were enjoying what they called "red horse bread." It wasn't red in color, and it had nothing to do with horses. Red horse was one of the common species of fish (along with bream, catfish, and trout) that were caught in South Carolina rivers and served at fish frys along the banks.

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Shop for Thera-Jigstick™ Puzzle Set D: Baby, Flowers, Bread, Puppy at S&S Worldwide 'Hush puppy' appears in an only slightly less disgusting context in an 1899 Spanish-American War narrative, in which a soldier comments, "Had breakfast hours ago, you know, and a prime one it was. Scouse, slumgullion, hushpuppy, dope without milk, and all sorts of things." As late as 1939, the journal American Speech defined "hush-puppy" as "Ham gravy," giving as a sample usage, 'I sop my bread with hush-puppy.'"

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Besides "red horse bread," Southerners had several of other names for what we now call hushpuppies, like "wampus" in Florida, and "red devils" and "three finger bread" in Georgia. But hushpuppy was the term that stuck. By the 1940s, the word had spread up the Carolina coast, and hushpuppies were being served alongside fried fish and steamed oysters at seafood joints catering to beachgoers and tourists heading down U.S. 17 toward Florida.

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Bread makes you fat? While having a chubby puppy isn't the worst thing in the world, yeast dough used to make bread should absolutely be kept away from dogs.That’s way too much bread for any dog, especially a puppy. Dogs will pretty much eat anything we give them. Puppies should not be getting much in people food or scraps at this stage. Get your dog back on puppy prescribed dog food and stools will return to normal. If they don’t after 3-4 days, go to a vet. It could be another problem. Good luck.I gave my 2 month old puppy, named Bella, a lot of bread for a period of around 3 days, 3 times daily. Now she is having loose bowel movements. What to do now? How to get her stool back to normal?A hushpuppy (or cornbread ball) is a small, , deep-fried ball made from -based . Hushpuppies are frequently served as a with seafood and other deep-fried foods.