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We ALL aren’t independently wealthy with buckets of money to spare. A full BSA uniform at our Scout shop costs in EXCESS OF $150 for boys, add $50 more for leaders, and that’s the cheapest ironed plain Jane.

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If the professionals in Scouting did not need so much money to pay the big salaries of the Chief Scout Executive and his multitude of Assistant Chief Scout Executives, the Scouting uniforms would be MUCH cheaper. Why should a boy care about the uniform, if the program he enjoys is worthwhile? If it’s not for the boys, it’s for the birds!

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VENTURE items: Pants, shorts, belts & shirts are sold out as of 6/1/2017 .. So, I am going to be a handicraft counseler at a boy/cub scout camp this summer and I apparently need a uniform... everything is so expensive and it makes sense why, but does anyone know where I can find a really cheap leader uniform in good condition? Thanks!

shirt, pants, tunics, coats, hats, belts, socks..

I now have scouts of my own, and I’m paying for scout uniforms. It’s definitely not cheap. But I still believe it’s worth it. And really, what would I spend that $100 on? A new XBox game? A family dinner or two at a local restaurant? My boys will get much greater value from being part of Scouting than they will from almost anything else I could spend that money on.

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