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Fleas, Flies and Friars reminded me of nothing so much as . I am sorry to admit that, prior to reading Medieval Lives, I was one of those individuals that thought the term "dark ages" fitting. Medieval Lives taught me about the richness of the medieval life, and how many things modern Western culture accepts as fact about the middle ages are patently false (just in case you think they believed the world was flat, they didn't.) Orme has expanded upon that understanding to encompass childhood. Much of Orme's content comes from an invaluable source: a collection of school boy notebooks. These teenage boys were encouraged to write verses or songs they knew from childhood, or to make up their own, to then translate into Latin or French. I could not help but laugh at the constancy of teenage attitude: one wrote in the front of his notebook, "Who steals this book should be hanged by the neck; who blames what's here may kiss my rear." Another gem is the list of insults a boy translated into Latin: "Thou stinkest. Thou are a false knave. Thou are worthy to be hanged. His nose is like a shoeing horn. Turd in thy teeth! I shall kill thee with my own knife!" (I simply type, read, or say out loud that "turd in thy teeth" bit without giggling like a school girl.)

Can't wait to see it? (Or did you miss it at your branch?) No worries. Here are children's books on our smallest friends, the fleas!

Hi Julia, great idea! Steam cleaning kills fleas quickly! Yes you can steam the clothes, but if they have been unused for awhile, it is unlikely that there are fleas lurking in them. In all honesty, I think that is enough, unless you have pets, it is unlikely that you will bring the fleas to the new place. Good luck, please share this post on Facebook if you appreciated my help.

This book is about two fleas and the two fleas are on a dog

Fleas! (Dirty Bertie) by Alan MacDonald - book cover, description, publication history. Rothschild was a leading authority on . She was the first person to work out the flea's jumping mechanism. She also studied the flea's reproductive cycle and linked this, in , to the hormonal changes within the host. Her New Naturalist book on parasitism () was a huge success. Its title can be explained as: external parasites (e.g. fleas), internal parasites (e.g. flukes) and others (the cuckoo is a 'brood parasite'). The Rothschild Collection of Fleas (founded by Charles Rothschild) is now part of the collection, and her catalogue of the collection (in collaboration with ) is a master-work.[]

Show the children the book The Flea's Sneeze

Subject Area: Language Arts

Book Summary
This fun and engaging story uses repetitive story pattern to tell the story of 11 animals that are all sleeping soundly inside a barn until the flea sneezes. Beautiful illustrations will delight young readers.

Children will engage in activities to strengthen phonemic awareness, listening, and language and literacy skills.

Before Reading
Show the children the book Ask the children to name the 11 different animals that appear on the cover. Ask the children to predict what will happen when the flea sneezes.

Teaching Plan

The Flea's Sneeze With Rhythm

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