hey i need a bonita recipe anyone got one

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Bonito fish recipes are a great way to add some healthy fish into your diet.

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Green Bonita (Atlantic Bonito) Simple Recipe - Kettlebottom

Bonito fish recipes are a low calorie, low fat alternative to serving pork and beef. This is a link to a site called Amazon were you could also purchase one of my new cookbooks and follow along with the recipe and video on this website. Thank you for visiting Bonita's kitchen. Bonita

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looking for a good bonita recipe

I have frozen bonita and wahoo and I can't find any recipes or anything about how to prepare these two types of fish. Can you help?


Hi Sue
Both the Bonito and the Wahoo fish are great for grilling. You can also broil or saute them.

Marinating these fish will help keep them moist when grilling or broiling.

I watched Bobby Flay grill Wahoo just the other day.

If anyone else has some suggestions for Sue please leave a comment.

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Frank How can you tell the difference between the false albacore and the atlantic bonito? I have heard that one has teeth and one does not. Is this correct and if so, which has the dental work? False albacore have that "wavy" stripe pattern, Bonito have straight stripes. Bonito have the teeth.Cook the fish over direct heat for about 3 minutes, until the flesh begins to char. Flip the fish over and cook an additional minute so that it is still slightly pink inside for medium-rare. Cook the fish 3 minutes longer for medium-done. Serve the grilled bonito garnished with lime wedges.Very good. I used bonito because I caught one fresh on a fly rod. I came to epicurious specifically looking for bonito recipes. I grilled the fillets within and hour of catching the fish. I love bonito and I do not know why it is not as popular in the markets. It is so subtle. Additionally, the fish itself is very beautiful on the outside. The recipe made a perfect lunch.