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Blue Buffalo vs Wellness?

Both are good but I use Blue!
It has less grains than Wellness (The other people who posted didn't do their research:D)
Check out their Blue Wilderness foods. They have NO GRAINS! Amazing! Blue's other foods also have a little less grains than wellness too!
This food is cheaper too. Why would I spend more on Wellness if Blue Buffalo is just as good (better in my opinion!)

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You’ve probably all read the news about the Purina vs Blue Buffalo case over kibble labeling. A lawsuit was filed awhile ago where Purina () accused Blue Buffalo about mislabeling their kibble, that in fact contained by-products. This week, news spread across the Internets about how Blue Buffalo admitted that by-product meal was .

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okay, im thinking about switching our dogs' food to Merrick from Blue Buffalo.
im just wondering your opinions if Merrick is a better food than Blue? and if youve used it and if your dogs like it...just for everything about it.

also...they dont sell the puppy food where i live...what would be a good brand to start a dog on then switch to Merrick? if thats what ill do...we have to get our food at the local petco...maybe they carry the puppy food, its just not showing on the website.
i just randomly came across some bad things thats been in Blues food, i dont know if this is fixed, but my dogs have never had a just wondering if its a good idea and what you prefer for your dogs.

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