At first, I did not think I would like this brush and dryer in one.

This large barrel brush is great for blow-drying longer hair. Its vented ceramic body quickens blow-dry time, and its nonslip handle allows you to easily maneuver it as you craft your perfect blowout.

We would recommend letting your hair dry overnight or using a blow-dryer before the brush. Wet hair can easily get tangled in the bristles.

Cutler says that many women who use a brush end up wrapping the hair around it and blasting it with heat. Which is apparently not only a no, but it actually takes so much longer than doing it the right way. "Put your round brush in at the roots, roll the brush down to the ends then take it back up to the roots, concentrating your blowdryer on that area and your hairline first." By the time your roots and your hair midway down is dry, your ends should be pretty close. "Then start to roll the ends on the brush and finish drying."

How to Choose the Perfect Round Brush Dryer For You Hair

The cost of such specific convenience? Just about $50. Not too bad considering you’ll save money on a brush to blow-dry with, eh? Hi! I am thrilled to have found our website. I have just about had it with my hair! I have naturally curly hair but I get Keratin twice a year. I always blow it out because after kids I lost my nice curl. My hair is a long bob and my hairdresser said I have a lot of fine hair. In the winter it is flat, shapeless and full of static. I use Keratin shampoo and conditioner and a leave in spray to detangle before I blow dry. I asked my hairdresser about the Ibiza round brush but she had not heard of it and wasn’t sure if boar bristles is right for me bc my hair is so fine and much thinner then it used to be. Can you recommend a product to use before blowdrying and a round brush as well. Even if the brush is $50 its worth it because at this point I am considering extensions! Thanks so much!

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Grab small sections.
While it may be tempting to pick up as much hair as possible on the brush, doing this this will actually prolong your blow-drying process, explains Ellis. “That’s because it’s extremely difficult to get the heat of the blow dryer to evenly smooth all the hair in one section,” he explains. It’s also one of the biggest causes for your hair getting caught in the brush, Ellis adds! To avoid this, he suggests picking up sections that are no larger than the size of your brush.

I am absolutely in love with this brush

And now, what you’ve been missing: You’re not switching your settings or your angles properly. You know how your stylist is constantly moving when blowing out your hair? Well, that continuous movement matters. Of course, you understand that you can’t just blast your hair in one spot and expect perfection, but you’re probably not changing the angle on the brush as often as you should be. If you always hold your blow-dryer horizontally and your brush horizontally too, you end up blowing every last section under. The result is a little dated. Instead, after you’ve covered the root, flip your brush vertically. Give it an extra twist of the wrist as you go to add a soft, natural-looking wave.There are three settings on the unit: cool, low, and high. However, I noticed that low and high were super hot. The unit was even getting to be a bit too hot to handle, so I wonder if that was just a first-use bug. Because of this, though, I kept switching from high to cool (low is just a slower version of the high heat setting). As I made my way through each section of hair, I found that overall, my hair was looking very smooth, but it lacked volume. This is where I think blow-drying my hair upside down comes in handy, because the roots are automatically being dried in a different direction, whereas this just wasn't being achieved with the paddle brush, even after lifting at the root. (It's completely possible that my formation was wrong and I need to readjust how I use it, so if there are any seasoned pros out there, I'd love some input!)