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I know it sounds kinda scary, but black racers are wonderful to have around. They take care of all the other icky creatures that you really don't want in and around your house. In some areas of the country black racers (sometimes called rat snakes) are actually protected. So live and let live, if there is a lot of activity around their home, they will move on, but be happy knowing that you won't have to worry about poisonous snakes, or rats and mice anywhere near your home.

This is a black racer that I've been taking care of after I saved it's life

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A friend of mine needs to find a Black racer (coluber constrictor, think thats another name for it) care sheet. Anyone know where one is? Appearance and Care:
Black racer snakes are beautiful medium sized snakes that measure 4-6 feet long from nose to tail tip; female Black racer snakes are larger than male Black racer snakes are. Black racer snakes are a glossy black with a grey-blue or grey belly. Some Black racer snakes have a white patch on their throats.

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The young Racers look totally different than the adults. Racers lay clutches of 15-25 oval eggs in the early summer. Oftentimes a number of females will lay their eggs together in the same nesting spot, but Racers do not give any parental care to their eggs or young. The hatchlings that emerge are 7-8 inches long, and are a greyish tan color with round reddish-brown patches along their back. As they grow, they lose their colors and turn black.

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Do any of you here know of a site for a Black Racer care sheet, or has personally studied this species of Coluber constrictor. im looking to get one. just need the know how on temps, humidity; if very important for this kind of snake, and brumation patterns. We scare because we care. Black racer back tank top from Disney's Monsters, Inc. Design has silhouettes of Mike and Sulley filled with an image of a kid's bedroom. Size M $14.99