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1. Purchase quality seed. I use black oil sunflower seeds. Though other types will work, these are the least expensive. You can purchase seeds intended for use as birdseed (FYI: there are no GMO sunflowers at this time, so that’s not a concern). Or, if you’re looking for certified organic seeds, here’s .

This makes black oil sunflower seed a valuable and nutritious part of any backyard bird’s diet.

Black oil sunflower seeds can be fed as whole seeds and birds will crack the hulls to get at the nutritious meat. This can lead to a large mess of discarded hulls beneath feeders, however, and these discards can also damage or destroy grass. For neater feeding, many birders opt for rather than whole seeds. With these seeds, the only mess will be the occasional spilled seed – which ground feeders will quickly clean up – or lightweight chaff that will soon blow away. Hulled seeds can be much more expensive, however, particularly for birders with large, hungry flocks to feed.

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2) Start with a basic bird feeding set-up: tubular feeder filled with black-oil sunflower seed. Black oil sunflower seeds have always been the most desired seed for wild birds. They are the most nutritious of all sunflower seeds, and a favorite of songbirds.

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Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are the #1 choice for feeding wild birds. These are often purchased to create unique blends or as straight feed. Black Oil Sunflower is definitely one of the most versatile bird feeds. We suggest placing larger bags at very competitive price points. The smaller bags are convenience items that will allow for higher margins.

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- Considered the #1 choice to feed and attract the greatest variety of birds to your feeders. Rich in oil, black oil sunflower seeds give birds the energy they need to live. The thin shell makes it an easy bird seed to open, even for the smaller birds.The nice thing about offering sunflower hearts and chips isthat there is no mess, since all of the bird seed will be eaten. Sometimes blackoil sunflower seed left on the ground prevents some plants from growing.Offer this type of food in or bird feeder. You'll attract Cardinals, Nuthatches, finches, and a variety ofothers. If you are going to offer only one type, give black oil sunflower seed atry.The shell is harder than black oil sunflower seed making itmore difficult for small birds to open. Still, Bluejays, Cardinals, and someWoodpeckers will make use of striped sunflower.- While most birds prefer black oil sunflower to striped sunflower seed, itstill remains a cheaper alternative. Try placing some on a platform feeder toprevent squirrels and raccoons from raiding your regular feeders. Place it away from your bird feeders.Black oil sunflower seed is the most familiar and most popular , for good reason. With this one type of seed in your feeders, you will attract dozens of bird species to your backyard.