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If you’re confident that you do indeed have a Mexican black-headed snake in your house, and you want to deal with it yourself, try this: place a trash can on the side of the snake, and use a broom or a similar tool to gently sweep it inside the trashcan. Relocate it well away from residential areas, and seal up any openings in your house where it can get back in.
If you have any doubt about which kind of snake you have, or if you suspect several, a call to a snake control company is warranted. They can also advise you on effective control and exclusion measures and trapping techniques. Take advantage of their expertise if you want to deal with your snake problem quickly and effectively!

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The Mexican black kingsnake is found in the Sonora and Sinaloa desert from Northwestern Sinaloa and western Sonora, Mexico as far north as southeastern Arizona in the United States. Although some recent evidence indicates that Mexican black kingsnakes found in Arizona sometimes interbreed with the or the desert black kingsnake.

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Mexican Black King Snake. Can be a little snappy but they are so beautiful! The Mexican Black kingsnake, a subspecies of the Common (Eastern) kingsnake, is a very popular snake in the reptile pet industry due to their beauty, modest size and rather tractable temperament. This species is one of the first kingsnakes to be bred regularly for the sole purpose of pets! Mexican Black kingsnakes grow between 3 and 4 feet and often live 15-20 years in captivity with excellent care. Native to the rocky, semi desert and grassy areas of Mexico up through portions of Arizona this species displays versatility being an opportunistic burrower as well as an excellent swimmer.

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Western black-headed snake (), also known as the California black-headed snake, is a snake species endemic to the Californias (the U.S. and the in Mexico), as north as the and as far east as western . It lives in mostly moist pockets in mostly arid or semiarid environments, and spends much of its life underground. It has a flattened head as most crevice-dwellers, and is seven to fifteen inches in size. It is brown, slender, olive-gray, with a black head bordered by a white collar. Its habitat is often in woodland, desert areas, grassland and along arroyos in areas that are wet in a usually dry region.

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Hiya, would a Mexican Black kingsnake make a good first snake?? I was thinking of getting one in the not to near future, I just think these snakes look beautiful and have wonderful colouration. Thanks to all who help. No mate its a Black Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula nigra), Mexican Blacks are a different sub-species (Lampropeltis getula nagrita). Heres a good link to a Black King website My Mexican Black King is my first snake, he is not tempramental now but was as a juvenile. Though he never bit anyone as a juvenile I don�t think and he was mis-treated by a previous owner when he was a juvenile (I know the previous owner and that�s how I know he was tempramental and mis-treated as a juvenile)Meet our new Mexican Black King Snake called Flynn (keeping up our Disney themed names). A beautiful black snake that is already popular with children and has been used on photo shoots along with Jasmine. Read 10 interesting things about this snake: