Black and white Abyssinian Guinea pig or Cavy isolated on ..

Abyssinian guinea pigs are known for their rosettes, which are hairs that radiate in a circle from the center point. On average, these guinea pigs have about eight to ten rosettes on their bodies and heads. In addition, these rosettes can also be located on the shoulder, on the hip, and on the behind. There are different types of patterns of colors for these rosettes on the Abyssinians. The most notables ones are called agouti, brindle, dalmatian, dutch, and tortoiseshell. The colors can range from black and white to brown and red for their rosettes. Similar to the regular Abyssinian guinea pigs, some of them have a satin coat, which has an added sheen or gloss look to it.

Broken color white & black. This Abyssinian guinea pig has a longer coat with different rosettes.

A great fact about them is their appearance. As said earlier, this breed of guinea pig is different and exotic. One factor that proves it is their fur coat. They have a distinctive rough coat with rosettes (which are groups of hair symmetrical from the center making up the coat). Hair in each rosette has an average length of 1.5 inch. A single Abyssinian guinea pig can have an average of six to eight rosettes and as many as ten rosettes covering its body. Every rosette has a different color combination and pattern. The most common colors of these pets are white, black, brown, orange, and yellow.

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I love the black skinny pig! It’soooooo cute! Love the teddy and abyssinian guinea pig to! The agouti coat is commonly found in wild guinea pigs. The coat’s varying bands of color and flecked appearance works to camouflage them from prey in the wild. Common colors found in agouti coats are buff, golden brown, red, brown, dark brown and black. This pattern is commonly found in the multicolored, tufted Abyssinian.

Cute Black and white Abyssinian Guinea pig or Cavy isolated ..

My abyssinian is so cute. She is really big and chubby. She turned 25 (1 year old) in september. Right now she's sleeping on me. I'm trying not to move to much. Her name is Dorothy Jean after my past babysitter, we call her D.J. She answers to D.J. more than her full name. She mainly eats salad and other veggies. When she drinks her water she twits her head in all directions just to drink. We sometimes call her curly fires because her nails are so long and curly. We try to shorten but sadly it's no use. D.J. is white, fuzzy, and has a black oral eye ( a black spot circling her eye). I just woke her up and she is biting my shirt. She just ate and she already used the bathroom. When she's sleepy her ears always flap. When she yawns it is so cute! Her tounge sticks out and she makes a little sound like a whistle. She kind of gets along with my sister's guinea pig Pheobe (an american). Pheobe is 3 months younger than her. Pheobe always starts fights with D.J. and all D.J. does is cry and squeak as loud as she can ,in the middle of the night too. Ther at first didn't like eachother at all but now whenever they hear my phone ring Pheobe runs beside D.J. Pheobe is white, brown, lght brown, and dark brown. She one time had a problem with her foot and stated biting it everyday and we didn't realize it until her foot was pitch black and covered in dried blood. We took her to the vet and they said her foot was paralized. They said that Pheobe bit her vains and knawed her bone away. They had to cut off her foot and it cost $300. That was a good price because another vet we went to for Pheobe said that the surgery would cost $850. It took so long to find a good hospital for Pheobe becuse guinea pigs are exotic pets. Anyway... Pheobe is fine now. She sometimes gets mad about her foot and squeaks very loudly out of nowhere. Well I'm getting tired now. I'll try to write about Pheobe and D.J. daily or weekly to keep you updated on them. Awwwwww D.J. just yawned! Well bye now! (Finally)

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