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Parrot Perch has an on-site nursery where many of the birds for sale are raised The Amazons Parrots are what most laymen think of when you say "parrot". They are all native to Central and South America although nowadays they are all born here in the United States. Some of these birds offered for sale are now three generations removed from their wild- caught ancestors. The Amazons are universally heavy bodied with a short tail and are mostly green in color with yellow, blue or red highlights. They are extroverted clowns and wildly amusing. The main disadvantage is their blind loyalty to their favorite human companion. This trait of theirs to love one human and exclude everyone else in the family sometimes causes problems in families where other members also love the bird. Having the unloved members buy their own bird, causing multi-bird families, usually solves this!

Although all Amazon parrots have the ability to talk, the most reliable ones are the Yellow Fronted Amazon, The Blue Fronted Amazon, the Double Yellow Head Amazon and the Yellow Nape Amazon.

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