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Rectangular cages are preferred over round cages because a round cage lacks a safe corner for a bird to hide when frightened or alarmed. Round cages may also affect a bird's psychology; when kept in round cages, birds often exhibit an unusual and repetitive whereby they twirl their heads and look round-and-round at the domed ceiling. The bar positioning in round cages can also affect a bird's feathers, particularly the tail feathers.

“What kind of birds do you have,” I ask, noticing multiple cages in his home.

The name is misleading. The park is more a park in a sense of a place where one would stroll around not in a sense of an actual park containing lots of birds of different variety.

Most of the more exotic birds are locked up in cages and are in a questionable condition. The only free birds were peacooks.

Is keeping birds in cages cruel

birdcages and succulents, I've been wanting to do this. I love bird cages, birds, and succulents. It is thought by some people that round cages are detrimental to a parrot's . The thinking is that and some birds have driven themselves crazy climbing around and around cylindrical cages, and feeling like they're never getting anywhere. They believe that giving a bird an angular cage provides them with reference points to different locations in their territories -- thus helping them feel confident, safe, and secure. They also feel that the best set up for a cage is where there is a wall behind the cage so that the bird knows nothing is coming toward him from behind. This provides the at least from that one side of her cage.

Feb 20, 2013 - Birds don't want to live in cages any more than we do

Most round cages available are simply not built very big and with pet birds, the bigger the better. There are octagonal outdoor aviaries in places, but you rarely see round outdoor enclosures.

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This acute absence of birds' basic needs - flight and flock - ultimately transforms itself into a canvas of maladies, says Kelly. Because they aren't flying, birds get cardiovascular problems. Due to the stress of confinement, they display abnormal behaviors, like biting on bars or pacing their cages. Because they are sedentary, they get heart disease. Some get cancer. Some simply scream all day. "People look in these cages," says Johnson, "and will say that - 'what a beautiful bird.' But the reality is, they aren't thinking about that bird's life at all." Millet swiftly made an unannounced visit to the facility and found "cages stacked upon cages, baby birds living in dirty, crowded and unsanitary conditions, bigger babies injuring smaller younger babies, all of the babies crying and begging for food," writes Windsor in the Foster Parrots newsletter. Some may think I'm a hypocrite because I'm an aquarist, but I think the two are fundamentally different. For a start, fish still get to swim in tanks, while birds hardly get to even fly at all in cages, unless you have a very large aviary. Also, most fish are pretty small relative to the size of their tanks. I also consider keeping goldfish in bowls or bettas in tiny containers equally cruel.