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At Stonehedge Landscaping we would like to support our bird enthusiast with the best bird supplies around. Please, ask our employees about any questions you may have. We are always happy to answer any all questions. We have customers coming from all over CT and hope you will be one too.

Meeting Place: Birdwatchers Supply & Gift, Route 1 traffic circle, Newburyport. 1:00 PM

The many different feeders available today break down into four broad categories based on the type of feed they supply. The most common are seed feeders, which dispense sunflower seeds, millet, corn, and other popular dry bird foods. These feeders are generally cylindrical and they can be hung from trees or stands or supported on poles.

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Meeting Place: Birdwatchers Supply & Gift, Route 1 traffic circle, Newburyport. 1:00 PM We’ve got premium seed, nectars, feeders, houses, baths and supplies for all your fine feathered friends. For the amateur bird watcher, we have “How To” literature as well as bird watching supplies.

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Birding is a fast growing hobby that can be fun for all ages. Whether you want to catalog the birds in your yard or just get to glimpse their beautiful feathers more often, our selection of birding supplies can help you create your own aviary haven. We carry a great selection of high-quality bird feeders, bird seed & suet, birdbaths, and birdhouses to bring more birds and a greater variety of birds to your yard.

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Outdoor Leisure's goal is to provide wild bird lovers with quality supplies like bird feeders of every sort and bird houses that attract a large variety of your feathered friends, such as cardinals, wrens, bluebirds, and other favorites. Enjoy items that reward you with long time enjoyment and a food source that affords nature a safe environment. It's been shown that providing shelter and a safe food source does not interfere with wild birds' natural foraging habits, and can in certain cases be a valuable resource where natural habitats are declining. We have become one of America’s favorite bird store for bird lovers. We are located in an area that is known for the largest outdoor antique flea markets in the country. We get a lot of visitors on the way in and out that stop by and stock up. When they are not in the neighborhood they use our online store to purchase their bird feeders, feed and supply.Wild Bird Company, headquartered in Boulder, CO, is your specialist for enjoyable backyard bird watching and bird feeding throughout North America. Our specialists are always available to advise how to most effectively attract desired bird types − as well as which foods, nest boxes, feeders, baths, optics, equipment, media, and other supplies to employ that make for anIf you want to see nature at its best and most active in your own backyard, Grasshopper Gardens’ birding supplies can help. Come in to our Brighton, MI location today for all of your birding needs!