Java Wood Tree Box Parrot Play Stand | Bird Play Stand

So I got lucky with the vine. Then another friend heard I was looking for branches. (My garage filled with branches as I worked all this out, some I pestered my family into dragging home, some donated by friends.) This friend works as caretaker of a large estate in the mountains, and she brought me a piece of manzanita over five feet tall. Manzanita, I must say, is lovely. The bird tree I made with it looks like a piece of art. It doesn’t look like a pet product, it looks like something from an upscale home embellishments store. To make the manzanita branch stand upright I considered a few options: a large flower pot with quick-crete, a sawed-in-half wooden barrel with quick-crete, a flat board and nails. Then, my local K-Mart put the Christmas leftovers on fire sale, and I brought home a Christmas tree stand for $1. The stand secured my manzinita, and I tucked it into a corner of the family room such that a club chair hid the green plastic base from sight, and left just the elegant, many pointed manzanita branches visible.

AFL2 Manzanita Activity Center Parrot Tree Bird Stand Toy Play Gym lik Java Wood

It's too bad you're not handy, because you could save around 2/3 the cost of some of these things.....also, you really do not need a manzanita or java/coffee tree stand.....they are popular because of the odd shapes that nature comes up many cases these types of perches are little more than status symbols...yes, the other perching surfaces give variety to a bird's perching.....

Java Wood Tree Play Stand Parrot | Bird play Stand

Afgray GW Sandblasted Manzanita Parrot Tree Stand Bird Perch Gym FRESHIP2 | eBay Our A&E Cage Company Single Java Tree Stand is a natural and beautiful addition for any bird's habitat. A design of nature combined with skilled craftsmanship, this tree stand is made from a single piece of coffee wood. The space between the branches helps provide freedom for your bird to flap his or her wings, and this stand gives your bird more room to explore, which helps relieve boredom. The base is constructed with quality Kamper wood from Kalimantan. This tree stand includes two feeder cups and has several eye hooks for hanging toys. Since this tree stand is natural, each bird tree features its own unique twists for an interesting and fun look. Adding natural habitat accessories enhances everday life for your pet by creating interest and bringing out natural behaviors.

Java Wood Tree Box Parrot Play Stand | Bird Play Stand AE250S

Your pet bird will look absolutely stunning perched atop the A&E Cage Company Table Top Java Tree Stand. This gorgeous bird play gym combines natural beauty with quality craftsmanship to create a sturdy piece of pet furniture that looks great in your home. Each A&E Cage Company Table Top Java Tree Stand is carved from naturally durable java wood from a single coffee tree. Once a coffee tree has stopped producing coffee beans - usually after 25 to 35 years - it can be hewn and repurposed. The coffee trees are handpicked as less than 1% of them are suitable for being carved into a stylish bird play tray and stand. The chosen tree is then painstakingly handcrafted and finished until it is perfect for your home and your bird. The finished bird play gym and perch is a beautiful addition to your home that satisfies a variety of your bird's practical and fun needs. Because each tree stand is carved from a single piece of natural wood, it has its own unique twists and shapes giving it a fun and interesting look. The A&E Cage Company Table Top Java Tree Stand is mounted on a stunning bird play tray base made with kapur wood from the island of Borneo. Both kapur and coffee wood are extremely durable and can stand up to constant use from your feathered friend. The wide bird play tray base collects any messes your bird might make to keep the fuss and muss off of the rest of the furniture in your home. Space between branches gives your bird room explore and spread out, even to flap about with plenty of space for a wide wingspan. The Table Top Java Tree bird play gym comes with a bowl for food or treats mounted on one of the branches. Eye hooks are included in the design so you can accessorize your bird play tray with hanging toys that your pet will enjoy.

Java Wood Tree Box Parrot Play Stand | Bird Play Stand