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Our bulk seeds for birds provide excellent nourishment to the birds in your backyard. Wholesale orders of 200+ lbs save up to 45% on shipping.

Note the color of the bird seed in the feeder these Pine Grosbeaks are using. It’s all black, full of black oil sunflower seed. If you are only going to use one seed, this is the one that seems to get the most variety of birds. If a bird eats a seed, most likely it will eat sunflower seeds. Northern Cardinals love this as do Green Jays, chickadees, nuthatches–even tiny goldfinches. Often, just purchasing plain black oil sunflower is cheaper than a mix, depending on where you shop. You really cannot go wrong with that seed…unless it’s really old. Often around November, some places like big box stores or hardware stores will have a sunflower seed that’s half the price of everywhere else. It can even be a little cheaper than wholesale cost for most bird stores. Why is that? Most likely, the seed is a of couple years old and no one else will carry it in their stores because the nut meat is not as desirable to birds (and chock full of meal moth larvae). You can .

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