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5. Safflower. This white, thin-shelled, conical seed is eaten by many birds and has the reputation for being the favorite food of the northern cardinal. Some feeder operators claim that safflower seed is not as readily eaten by squirrels and blackbirds (caveat: your results may vary). Feed safflower in any feeder that can accommodate sunflower seed. Avoid feeding safflower on the ground in wet weather; it can quickly become soggy and inedible. You can buy safflower in bulk at seed and feed stores.

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Twenty years ago, hardly anyone had a pet ferret or iguana. Fast forward two decades, and they are everywhere you look. The boundaries of what makes the perfect pet are no longer contained by dogs and cats and a few types of birds. Zupreem provides the food that we feed our exotic pets. They also manufacture highly nutritious foods for all other types of pets, dogs, cats and the rest.

The original idea behind Zupreem was simple: Health through diet modification. If it works for people, it would work for our pets too, right? In 1928, Dr. Mark Morris founded the Raritan Animal Hospital, and through his work, discovered that sick dogs and cats could be treated by changing their diets. He went on to formulate the Prescription Diet products for unhealthy dogs and cats. Reducing kidney disease, heart disease and intestinal problems, it proved to be a miracle treatment. They went on to develop the Science Diet, founded Zupreem, food for exotic animals, and the rest is history. All pet owners should be thankful.

They also feature a complete line of life-stage diets for exotic birds from Embrace Hand-Feeding Formulas, AvianWeaning Diet, AvianMaintenance Diets, AvianBreeder Diets, to Parrot Crunch/Small Bird Crunch treats.

As a preeminent Zupreem supplier, Pet Mountain works closely with the manufacturer to ensure that we carry the right inventory at the lowest possible prices. With our ability to buy in bulk and work with the supplier on discount programs and special promotions, we can offer you unbeatable specials and the best customer service in the industry, guaranteed.

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Buy your birds favorite bird food in bulk to save money and never run low on food to keep your exotic friend healthy and happy. Just a question this time. Is there some place I can buy wild bird food in bulk with delivery? I go through 80 pounds a month. It is expensive in 20 lb. bags.

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Welcome bird lovers! We are a here to help you find the best bulk for your pet or outdoor bird feeder. We are also here to help educate you on bird seed nutrition. Explore our assortment of bird food, such as sunflower seeds that can be purchased as or shelled, also know as or . Sunflower seeds are known to be the best option for a variety of birds as it is the most liked bird seed available. Our pure sunflower seed options offer high protein and fat content with no fillers. , also known as thistle seed is valued for its high nutritional value. This option is great for tube feeders and a little goes a long way with this bird seed. are a great source of fat and protein year round. This no mess, blanched bird feed is a great, affordable option for many bird lovers. We also sell select and supplies for bird watching enthusiasts. Be sure to also check out our if you are a bird watcher wanting to know more about bird watching in the area.

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