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I am a total newbie to saltwater. I want very much to change this. I have an opportunity to buy a used biocube 29g about 3 years old for $200. It has some live rock, live sand, corals and a few fish. It needs an actinic light bulb. The tank has a stand. It has not been well taken care of. I am trying to decide whether I should buy this tank - of course I would have to move it - about 1hr away from where I live or should I buy a new biocube 32g? The 29 has 3 years of wear and tear on the tank and components. I realize up front I would some money buying a used system, however long term would I end up spending more to support an aged system? What do you people recommend?

Current Tank Info: 3rd tank working fine!(29gal oceanic biocube) 5-6months old

I recently came back with a 29g biocube. It's been very easy so far. makes some good mods for it. the media basket, tunze 9001 skimmer, and cobalt mj1200 pump are excellent additions.

Biocube 29g - How many Vortech MP10's

I have a 29g Biocube and I would like to know what your recommendations are as far as my lighting schedule, . I currently have a 29g biocube with the stock lighting, which I'd like to keep that way since I don't really want to put too much into the tank being kind of small. I'd like to go a little larger when I can, but that's a year out at least. Anyway... I wanted to know if someone thinks it would work to put a 12" LED strip in there to make the water sparkle the way it does when the moonlights are on. Also, would it fit?

I was wondering how many Vortechs should go into a Biocube 29g

Check Reefwreak on ReefCentral
Aquaticlife 115, 2 days after cleaning

SPS-dominated 29g Biocube, RapidLED full-spectrum LEDs, Vortech MP10W, Reefkeeper lite, BRS 2 part, aquaticlife 115

Setting up new Coralife BioCube 29g, Questions.

As far as led lighting, give Dave at Nanoboxreef a shout out (prefers email I think). He does amazing custom Leds for the Biocube. I have the Retro installed on my 29g and I love it.This is the 29G Coralife BioCube display I set up and maintain at Aquarium Outfitters in Athens GA. This BioCube was set up using my Coralife BioCube Basics program including the simple filter modification (As seen in my BioCube basics video series). Enjoy!!!Coralife biocube 29g

Hydor Pico Evo-Mag 180 Circulation Pump
live rock
CAD Lights PLS-50 Elite Nano Pipeless Protein skimmer
intank media basket
Chemi-Pure Standard 10oz bag
Seachem Phosguard 100mL Bag
Poly Filter Floss
Reef Octopus Beginner Media Filter
3 Coralife BioCube Lunar Blue LED Bar

Neon Green Star Polyps
Torch Coral
Yellow Green Torch
Green Branching Hammer
Purple tip Frogspawn
Taro Tree Coral
Fuzzy Toadstool Leather
fire and ice zoanthidsI have a 29g biocube cycling. Here is my chamber setup, any critique or improvements before i begin stocking? am i doing anything wrong? my first tank. thanks!Coralife biocube 29g
Ai Prime Led
AquaMaxx hob1

intank media basket
Chemi-Pure Standard 10oz bag
Seachem Phosguard 100mL Bag
Poly Filter Floss

Rose Bubble Tip Anemone (RBTA)

Sony RX100 Mark4

Kessil Tuna Blue A80 LED Light
Kessil Spectral ControllerCurrent Tank Info: Coralife BioCube 29g - Stock lighting, Jebao rw4, TBS "The Package", Aquaticlife 115 skimmer, Tunze ATO, Apex Gold controller, InTank Media Basket