Good, and cheap lights for a 29g biocube

Tom The fan on the 29 runs along with the light on the left switch but not with the one on the right. I have the tank right beside my desk and don't find the fan noise too distracting. On a good note, everyone in my office wants a biocube now. One of them has already bought one so they look good planted.

Part 2 of installing SB Reef LIghts Sprite Nano Reef Light into 29 Gallon Biocube.

Tank: Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon
Lighting: Reefbreeders LED
Powerhead: Jeabo wp-10
Heater: Jager 100w heater
Reactor: Diy gfo reactor
Auto Top Off System: Aqualifter ato w/ 2.5 gallon reservoir
Control Unit: Reefkeeper lite w/ 2 pc4s, MLC & RK1
Fuge Light: Marineland led for rear fuge
Return Pump: Maxijet 1200
Skimmer: Tunze 9001

Ive got the biocube 29 and was looking at lighting upgrades

I have a 29g Biocube and I would like to know what your recommendations are as far as my lighting schedule, . Changing the lights on my Biocube 29gal making a time-lapse of it with my t3i and Magic Lantern

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[Advice] Biocube 29 Lighting - The Planted Tank Forum

I have the 29 Gal BioCube. Although not the greatest tank for planted, it WILL work. The problem is plants like CO2 and the bioballs in the back areate the water full of oxegen; good for fish bad for plants. However, I have several plants in mine and most are doing OK. The hardier plants do better but plants like my fanwort, and ludugia ssps. stay green but don't grow much. I guess a CO2 injector would help but I think most would be wasted in the cycling process that goes on in the back of your tank. I got rid of the Actinic light and got another 10K. I use one light for 3 hours, both lights for 2 hours and back to one for three. It seems to work just fine. Just don't forget and leave both on overnight lest you become an algae farmer.

29g biocube lighting - The Reef Tank

This is a tutorial on the coralife biocube 29 gallon upgrades and mods. Lighting, skimmers, powerheads, back chambers, media racks, heaters, and filtration.At the moment, I am stuck between two lighting upgrades, and I just cannot seem to decide. There are also a few other minor issues that I am concerned with, that I'm hoping some of you could help me with, either via experience with the Biocube 29, or similar sized nano tanks.I just recently purchased a 29 Gal BioCube which I have filled up with tap water to do a test run on all my equipment. The question I have is about the lighting system. The hood of the BioCube has a 10,000K daylight compact florescent and a blue actinic 03 florescent bulb and two lunar blue moon glow LED lights.Was just wondering if anybody here has had any experience using the Apex to control the stock lighting on a Coralife BioCube 29. I am setting one up soon and was curious what others have done with theirs. I have added the additional LEDs to fill in the 4 add-on spots.