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A. We cannot speak for other manufacturers, but no one controls their ingredient sources as closely as Bil-Jac. We use only fresh chicken organ meat, which is naturally nutritious (see the ingredients list on our bags). Wild carnivores eat the organ meat first because their instincts tell them it is the most nutritious source of protein. It is no different for your domesticated dog. At Bil-Jac we've studied nutrition for more than 60 years, and we carefully blend our ingredients for optimal nutrition. Bil-Jac's fresh chicken by-products do not contain heads, feet or feathers-only nutritious chicken organ meat.

I stopped feeding them any Bil-Jac product when I read the ingredients list

After chicken and chicken by-products comes a problematic ingredient – corn meal. The use of this ingredient detracts significantly from the overall quality of this product. Not only is corn a common food allergen for dogs, but it is also difficult to digest and offers little in the way of quality nutrition. This Bil-Jac Adult Select Formula Dry Food recipe does contain one quality carbohydrate – oatmeal – but it is used in a lesser quality than the corn meal because it falls further down on the list. Corn provides some supplementary protein, but it is much less biologically valuable than any animal protein. In fact, because this ingredient comes third on the list it may contribute significantly to the 27% crude protein content of this formula. It is difficult to tell.

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Have you spoken with Bil-Jac or are you just reading the ingredient list? Do you realize they use a process in their manufacturing that is unlike “all” others? Biljac has more fresh meat than any other dry dog food on the market. Not meat meal as all other kibble based dog foods contain. Meat meal – That means rendered meat, cooked at high temperature, reduced to a powder, bought from large unspecified meat rendering plants, and shipped around the globe as ingredients for pet food. Try asking any of your holistic super-duper kibble brands where they get it from. The same with the vegetable proteins they use because they are more interested in marketing slogans like – “no by-products”, than they are in feeding your dog the nutrition they need as carnivores. I’d rather feed my dog specified by-products any day than vegetable protein. What ingredient has been responsible for the most widespread recalls?
You are mis-informed and if you care about dogs you will rethink the notion that kibble is anything but a cheap way to make dogfood that is responsible for overweight dogs, bloating, torsion, and ill-informed consumers and holistic dog food retailers.
I feed my dog BilJac and have never found a better results from a dry dog food. And no more vomiting from bloated kibble.

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At the top of the list for this Bil-Jac Harvest Feast Turkey & Sweet Potato Recipe Wet Food is turkey broth. This is a quality ingredient because it helps to preserve the moisture content of the recipe and it provides some natural flavor as well. Next comes turkey, chicken, and egg product – all high-quality sources of animal-based protein with some fat content as well. Though these three proteins are all excellent ingredients, there is another source of protein that is not high-quality – pea protein. Pea protein is a plant-based protein which makes it less biologically valuable than any animal-based protein. It is hard to tell how much this ingredient contributes to the total protein content.

No sprayed-on rendered fat (check our ingredient list, no fat added).