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Step into the store and you’ll immediately see what Castro means. Nearly every customer is greeted on the way in. Green-vested sales associates — who work on salary, not commission — huddle with shoppers, asking questions, nudging them toward a sensible solution or an appropriate product. For years, reviewers have remarked on the way B&H associates sometimes and possibly even better products for their needs — and how they’ve .

But the B&H Apple mini-store is the first in its class, as the professional multimedia seller based in New York City has just one retail location.

This week, workers in the warehouse beneath the company’s flagship store on Ninth Avenue voted to join the United Steelworkers union, despite what their representatives said was a concerted effort by management to block the organizers. On the same day, B&H fired a seven-member cleaning staff that had complained about hostile treatment, said Rosanna Aran, co-director of , which led the organizing campaign.

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Now it is out of stock! I hope this means people like the product and BH will never stop selling it ;-) B&H has built a devout following. It’s one of those rare stores or brands (think Apple, Levi’s, Mini Cooper) that customers feel a part of. They gather in Manhattan, but more so on social media and on B&H’s website, which is packed with reviews, buyer guides and blog posts.

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The effort, of course, is reflected in the company’s online growth. As a private company, B&H isn’t required to publicly report its revenue, but a 2012 story by The Business Journals reported that of total sales. That proportion may well have changed, but if it held in 2014, the company’s total revenue that year would have totaled about $166 million.

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Runs east/west on 34th Street. Stops on 9th Avenue at the corner of B≈H Photo. Runs from Waterside Plaza to the Port Authority Bus Terminal via 34th Street, 2nd Avenue, 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue. Stops at 9th Avenue & 34th street at the corner of B&H Photo."No trip to Tarjay—in-store or online—is complete without adding a million things to your cart that you planned to buy. BH Cosmetics is now available at Target, which means you can also throw in an or two with your toilet paper, karaoke machine, throw pillows, and yoga pants. The brand has gained a following on Instagram with their flat-lay-ready palettes, celeb and beauty vlogger collabs, and .Bh Cosmetics Store - - BH Cosmetics- Affordable Beauty Makeup for Eyes, Face, & Lips! - BH Cosmetics offers amazing deals on Eyeshadow Palettes, Lip Glosses, Face Blushes, Makeup Brushes & More! Get Hot Looks & Great Customer Care! - Bh Cosmetics Store -For the second time in nine years, the owners of B&H Photo Video, a popular electronics store in Manhattan, have been sued by the federal government for discriminating against Hispanic workers.