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I have recently purchased a male Betta imbellis from a local fish shop. (I am aware that if this is a hybrid at best) I am wondering if this indeed is a male Betta imbellis or a female Betta splendens. (Btw I have attempted to get the fish to flair, this had mixed results. The fish seemed to flare fins but not gills.)

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Veiltail Betta - Betta splendens - Female I have 1 female (blue) in the community tank. She gets along fine with the other fish. Maybe chases them a bit, but that's the most I've seen her do. Read you shouldn't put two females together, and definitely don't put 2 males together.

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Aug 12, 2012 - Buy Veiltail Betta - Betta splendens - Female now only $3.29 I was just reading the freshwater daily FAQs, and while I have no firm ID on the recent Betta photo, I may have a potentially useful reference photo of a large female Betta splendens I owned.

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this may be a dumb question since I don't have a picture to attach but I just got a female Betta (that's what it came to the store labeled as) but I am positive it's not a female Betta splendens. It definitely looks like a female of some sort from the research I've done but it has an upward curved mouth and is white with some green scales and light green fins. It is also double the size of the female Bettas I have. I know your not going to be able to identify it for me based on that, I was just wondering if it is possible it could be a wild species that got sent to the store by accident.

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While the social interactions of Betta splendens have been studied in the contexts of dominance hierarchies, mate choice and communication networks, the social partner preferences of Betta have been largely overlooked. In this study, we presented male and female Betta with a single male, a single female, and a group of three females in dichotomous choice tests in order to better understand basic social interactions in this largely nonsocial species. The highly territorial Betta preferred associating with conspecifics in nearly every configuration we tested, with exceptions noted when single females were given the choice between a lone male and an empty chamber, and when males were presented with a single female and an empty chamber. Also, in most tests, the fish chose to spend more time with the larger group of females. The motivation for this preference certainly varied from reproductive to anti-predator. While such behavior might not suggest true shoaling behavior, it does demonstrate a subtle degree of sociality.Breeding: Betta splendens are easy to breed. This fish is a bubblenester and males construct a nest made of bubbles using floating plants. You should add some floating plants to the tank for the male to use to construct his nest. Some breeders use styrofoam and have luck using that instead of plants, but I prefer plants.Males initiate spawning and entice females. The fish then embrace each other with the male biting the femles fins and wrapping around here. This cause the female to release eggs which he then fertilizes. The eggs start sinking to the bottom until the male picks them from the water column and places them in the bubblenest. Males provide parental care for the eggs guarding and tending to the bubblenest. At this point, females may face abuse from the male and should be separated.The eggs hatch in about 24 hours depending on water temperature and the larvae remain in the nest for another 3 days. Once the fry are free swimming, parental care ceases and the male should be removed. The fry are tiny and need microfoods at the beginning of their lives. I've had success using greenwater. Once they reach a larger size you can start feeding baby brine shrimp and crushed flake. Fry grow quickly and are easy to raise.