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Who doesn’t love SpongeBob!? Exactly, and you betta fish love him too! There are many different accessories you can get, obviously the ! This collection of accessories is perfect for betta fish – with many different hidey-holes and entrance and exit points for your betta to playfully swim through!

Adding some of these accessories to your Betta’s home will give you a great looking tank and a .

No matter your style or the kind of aquascape you’re going for, you should be able to find a decoration on this list to fit your vision. And as a bonus, these great tank accessories add a lot of benefits to your Betta, like giving him a place to explore, hide, or perch.

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Stock up on popular and recommended betta fish accessories and supplies. From fun decorations, to perches, to lights and hiding places, here are 12 of the latest Betta fish tank accessories that will liven up any environment.

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This Aquarium Vase Betta tank accessory looks like a long-forgotten artifact at the bottom of the ocean. Holes on either end allow your Betta to swim through it and explore. This tank decoration looks great and provides space for your Betta to enjoy.

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Adding some cool Betta fish tank accessories can be a great way to make your Betta’s home more interesting to look at and more fun for your Betta to live in and explore.The male betta fish have been seen to start making their bubble nests if there is a sudden change in their environment. Things like sudden changes in their water temperature or if there is a quick rise or fall in barometric pressure. In the wild, betta fish have been seen to start construction if the normal rainfall pattern starts to fluctuate. Sometimes if you add or take away your betta’s aquarium accessories or substrate, that change is enough to cause bubble nest building activity.he Elive Glow Cube features a .75 gallon clear acrylic aquarium with a “glow in the dark” full lid and blue LED light. The top of the cube will charge during the day and then will glow when the lights go off at night. This aquarium also includes white gravel with glow beads and a glow plant. These glowing accessories illuminate under the blue LED light. The Elive Glow Cube is perfect for one Betta fish and will literally brighten up any room in the house. Bettas love swimming in very clean water, so the tank should be thoroughly cleaned once a week using only fresh, clean water and an aquarium scouring brush. Do not use soap to clean any part of the tank or its accessories as even trace amounts of soap can be fatal to this species of fish. Also plan to remove and replace about 20 percent of the tank's water each week to remove built up toxins.