What litter is best to use with a new littermaid litter box ..

The brand littermaid understands your bonding with your furry friend and tries to make it stay as it is forever. This brand has previously launched many models of the self-cleaning cat litter boxes but LM980 is their most excellent automatic cat litter box till the present time. Its ability to offer service to multiple cats makes it the best and popular among the customers.

so i just bought a littermaid elite litterbox and i was wondering if anyone knew what the best type of litter for it is

I tried the Littermaid before my family got so big. But I found it to be fairly gross with the stench from the receptacle spreading around every time it opened itself to scoop. So I quickly dropped that expensive idea for covered boxes that I scoop myself. And I did try the scoopable feline pine with it. It does not clump hard enough for the rake to grab the clumps whole and push them in there. Not the best litter choice for an automatic litterbox. Swheat Scoop (ground wheat) would probably be about as bad and my girls did not like pottying on wheat. And I am not sure how The World's Best Cat Litter (ground corn) is for clumping.

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Apr 22, 2017 - Looking for the best automatic litter box cleaner? Check out our comparison review between LitterMaid vs. the Litter Robot III Open Air open air. I recently purchased a Litter-maid automatic litter box and have used both wheat and clay litter. The clay litter seems get stuck in certain places and be very messy but has less odor than the wheat. So I am looking for suggestions on what type of litter is best for this litter box.

Litter Maid is really the best.

I purchased a LitterMaid about 17 years ago and used it through the years for 5 different cats. It has been the best purchase I ever made. Our cats loved having the box clean every time they stepped into it. It did have a few drawbacks: it was loud and the little plastic inserts did not last very long because they could not handle the weight of the cat debris raked into it. A year ago the track started hanging and it would no longer clean the box. That is when I realized how good a job it had been doing all these years. I wish I could get this one fixed or find a good one that works this well. They sure knew how to make them back then and I miss having it work and so does my cat.

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My kitten watching my Littermaid box do its thing.

If you have one of these or are looking to get one, the ONLY cat litter I found that works properly is 'Worlds best cat litter'. It's texture is similar to real sand and is a must for the automatic boxes.

The box works well and I'm really happy I got one.This is a listing of all LitterMaid cat litters that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best LitterMaid cat litters with our internal ranking system. The term “all” is a bit confusing here because there is just the one! LitterMaid is typically better-known for their litter boxes and the many accessories that they offer. However, they did go ahead and release a litter as well, which they target to be used with their automatic litter boxes. We definitely recommend giving it a go if you happen to be using one of LitterMaid’s litter boxes, and even if you aren’t some people have found success using their product in a conventional manner as well.