this stuff Omega One Super Color Cichlid Small Pellets.

Most fish foods are fine. I keep African cichlids and they seem to enjoy flake food the best. They nibble at algae wafers and totally ignore brine shrimp. You should consider putting some Texas holey rock (yes, holEy) in their tank as well, as it regulates pH very effectively and will grow algae which your cichlids will happily graze on.

Dec 6, 2016 - In your experience, what is the best flake or pellet food you can feed your african cichlids?

African cichlids will probably be the tank that really tests your filtration. They are naturally big active fish and therefore produce a lot of waste. I don’t think they really produce more waste per weight, they are just bigger and bulkier than something like a neon tetra. I do think that the same weight of neon tetras in the same size tank fed the same amount of food at the same temperature would produce just as much waste as cichlids. As long as you actually clean them enough (at least once per month) canisters are best. I prefer Fluval. Whatever filter you get make sure it is rated for at least twice the actual tank volume. If you are doing mbunas in a 75 or larger or peacocks in a 125 or larger go for the Fluval FX5 or FX6. We had the FX5 on the 220 at the shop and I can’t believe how great of a job it did. The tank was crystal clear with no issues.

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Diet is very important with African cichlids, especially mbunas. They are sensitive to the level and quality of protein. Too much low quality protein can cause Malawi bloat. I have never had this happen with New Life Spectrum. It is also very good at making their already amazing colors even better. Best of all it will actually feed all of them (you don’t need one food for the mbunas, one for peacocks, etc.). Just feed New Life Spectrum exclusively. For more information on it please read: .

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