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Upon request, an academic staff member shall be granted, without loss of salary, bereavement leave of up to three work days due to the death of a member of his or her immediate family or household and one work day due to the death of a relative outside the immediate family. Leave beyond these amounts may be approved under special circumstances. However, such additional leave will normally be taken without pay or be charged to accrued vacation. Substantiation of the reason for bereavement leave may be required.

When a loved one dies, most workplaces give time off with bereavement pay.

If an official College holiday, to which you are entitled, falls on a day for which you have been granted bereavement leave, that day will be charged to bereavement leave, and you may arrange with your department head to take another day off with pay in lieu of the holiday on a date acceptable to your department head.

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If you are on leave of absence without pay, you are not entitled to bereavement leave pay. The employee must notify his/her immediate supervisor of the impending absence and request payment for bereavement leave. The University reserves the right to require certification of the death and the employee's relationship to the deceased when bereavement leave is requested.

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Each employee covered by this Agreement shall be allowed up to forty (40) hours leave with full pay for absences resulting from the death of a spouse or child, and up to twenty-four (24 hours leave with full pay for absences resulting from the death of a member of the employee's immediate family, as defined in the Sick Leave Article*.
Employees may use bereavement leave in hourly increments.

Fact Sheet: Leave for Funerals and Bereavement

Employees are eligible for up to three working days of paid bereavement leave in the case of a death in their immediate family or the immediate family of their spouse or domestic partner. At the discretion of the supervisor, additional time off may be granted. Pay is computed by using the employee's normal work schedule.Employees on short-term disability, FMLA, workers’ compensation, or any type of leave of absence are not eligible for bereavement leave pay during the leave. An employee cannot extend any type of leave by adding bereavement days after the leave ends.State Employees are entitled to bereavement leave with pay for absences resulting from the death of certain family and household members. The number of days/hours allowed varies depending on the employee’s relationship to the deceased as well as the collective bargaining contract covering the employee’s position. Following are each of the Bereavement Leave articles currently in effect:You can pay employees during their bereavement leave, but you do not have to. Decide if you will pay employees during the leave. You might also want to create a special pay rate, such as half the employee’s regular wages.