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Fill a container or bowl with a few inches of lukewarm water. Never use cold or hot water, and don't make assumptions; test the water yourself right before you use it on your teddy bear hamster. Get the water when you're ready to use it so it doesn't cool down.

Teddy Bear Syrian Hamster - Some fun children I know had their eye on this little guy

I've owned several different kinds of hamsters. Is it true that black bear hamsters are friendlier than Syrian or Dwarf hamsters? I have a Chinese Dwarf hamster who is friendly, but very smelly. He's in my first grade classroom, but everyone says they can smell him, even though I keep his cage really clean. He does smell more than the two guinea pigs or the rabbit that are in my room too. I have him on aspen bedding and clean his cage with straight vinegar. It helps for a while but the smell returns quickly. I thought I might keep him at home and get a black bear hamster for school. One of my children brought one in for a visit and he was probably the friendliest hamster I've ever met. I'll probably get one anyway because I think they're so cute. I'm interested in your experience with these type of hamster. I know they call them "black bear" so they can charge more than the syrian ones. LOL

Weird Facts About the Teddy Bear Hamster

So This is a video of some long haired teddy bear hamsters fighting over a wheel. Black Bear hamsters are a unique type of Syrian hamster. Black Bear hamsters are actually a type of Teddy Bear (or long-haired Syrian) hamster that was originally bred for its black fur markings. Black Bear hamsters are fairly popular today for people that value the unique markings and gentle temperament commonly seen in most Black Bear hamsters.

teddy bear hamster - Google Search

History: The Black Bear hamster was first discovered as a breed variation in 1985. This was marked as being a genome mutation, and was not yet a legitimate breed. Black Bear hamsters got their name from the similarities between their appearance (black fur and white markings, thick coat) and the appearance of large black bears. The Black Bear hamster is today recognized as being a legitimate hamster breed by a large number of hamster lovers.

teddy bear hamster - Google Search

The Syrian hamster is one of the most adorable small pets that many American families love. These hamsters are also popularly known as Golden Hamsters or Teddy Bear Hamsters (the long-haired variety) and are likely the most popular hamster varieties kept as pets.UPDATE 2013 at

On this video is a black bear hamster girl 4 months old. She is extremely friendly, handled from day one and I think there is nothing you can do to make her bite. We are trying to "spoil" her as much as we can off course and you can see how much she is enjoying her stay with us, stretching and grooming herself and also you can see how much she loves her exercise ball, jumping straight in. Anyway, enjoy the video and comment.Meet the Teddy Bear Hamster, AKA Syrian Hamster. Teddy Bears are the first hamsters to hit the pet market. After their wide success, the dwarf hamsters were introduced. Teddy bear hamsters aren't a breed unto themselves; they're long-hair variants of Syrian or golden hamsters. A recessive gene causes some Syrian hamsters to have long hair. Just like the short-hair Syrians, long-hair or teddy bear hamsters come in a variety of fur colors including tan, cream, white, dark brown and black, and combinations of two or more of those colors.