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The Puffe- Electric blanket is constructed using the same high performance materials commonly found in premium sleeping bags and puffy jackets. The shell material is a DWR Ripstop 20D Nylon which is durable and water resistant. Watch the video below to learn more about the Rumpl Puffe- iportable battery-powered heated blanket and its features, construction and inspiration. The development team behind the new battler powered electric blanket explain more :

a power outage would a 12-volt battery work to run my electric blanket

For some reason, we have started getting more letters requesting recommendations about using an electric blanket when tent camping. Some people want to simply plug in to a normal 120V outlet at a campground, some want to carry along a battery and use an inverter to generate AC power for their heating blanket or mattress pad. Electric blankets are not tested for cold outdoor use but here are some tips and precautions for those who would like to do this.

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How long could I run a car-battery-powered electric blanket - JustAnswer Does anyone know if the 12 volt thing would work or if they make a portable electric blankets of sorts with either battery operated or with a power supply you can take with you?

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You should never fully discharge a lead-acid battery: doing so will destroy the battery in only a few charge-discharge cycles. For reasonable life, you'll want to work with the top half of capacity (deep-cycle battery) or the top 10% (automotive battery). To power an electric blanket for the night, you'll want a 64+ amp-hour battery (deep cycle) or 320+ amp-hour (automotive).

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The idea of running electrical heating wires through clothing is not new. Battery-powered electric socks and mittens have been marketed periodically over the years, and electric blankets have been common for decades. Those three ideas come courtesy of Ravean, a company that developed the Rumpl Puffe’s heating system, Power Practical, which came up with the battery, and itself, which brought them all together to create the Puffe. The end result is a powerful and fast-warming electric blanket that can be taken just about anywhere you might need it, whether for the sake of comfort or survival—not, as they say, your grandmother’s electric blanket.Consider how much nicer your trip would be if you had a heated blanket on your boat, or if you were on a camping trip and could climb under your 12 volt electric blanket before you went to bed. Or if you are a cross country truck driver who sleeps in the cab, these too can be a great asset depending on where you are going. Think about how easy it will be if you simply take out the blanket and plug it into the lighter socket to power the blanket and then go to bed. It is powered by a simple 12 volt battery that all vehicles seem to have these days.The present invention relates to electric blankets, and more specifically but not by way of limitation, to a portable electric blanket that is powered through the use of battery compartments integrated into the blanket.